Biggin Hill History

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  1. i was stationed at biggin Hill from l945/6 WAAF Wireless operator 2160047

    been back a couple of times for Air show days – love Spitfires – recently attended opening of Spitfire gallery in Birmingham think Tank – I am now 90 years of age

    1. Hi Pat, do you have any memories that I cold add to the website. I am sure yo have a few. Thanks for your post. Regards, Paul

      1. Here, here! Does anyone know what the Nissen huts were used for at Moorhouse sandpits during WW11? There are a couple on the Redland Tile site and they are in close proximity to Biggin Hill Airport and maybe used for storage/training/wireless tests? Any light on this may help to save a little piece of our heritage out of respect for those who fought so bravely for us.

  2. I was based there in 1955. It was highly guarded because of the threat of the IRA. I remember those on guard duty toured the camp in a Landrover armed with sticks and Very pistols. The RAF Regiment were based there as was 41 Squadron with Hawker Hunter Aircraft. Sometimes we were involved in exercise ‘Fabulous’ The idea was that 24/7 there were always 2 fighter Aircraft aloft. The downside was that takeoff was at 04:00hrs and the noise used to wake everybody up.
    Also at the base were the ‘Weekend Wonders’ These were Auxiliary Airmen who just wanted a ‘jolly’ for a couple of days. Some of them were attached to the RAF Regiment and on occasions went on exercises to North Wales.
    The food in the Mess was excellent. I believe that this was because there was an monetary allowance for feeding the Auxiliary Airmen and there was never 100% attendance!!
    I seem to remember that we had a Squadron of Gloster Meteors and as far as I can recall it was 610 squadron, but I may be wrong.
    Those were great times and from there I was posted to Cyprus were I stayed until just before demob at the end of 1959.
    Why I ever decide to leave I know not and if I could live my life again, I would sign on for more than the 5 years (+4 on reserve) that I did.

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  4. Good afternoon….I would like to ask you information about Derek B White…I hv been to Anglo American Flight Academy in Fort Worth TX during 1982….many thks ….Paolo Bottinelli – Bergamo – Italy

  5. I’m looking for any info at all for a friend’s biological father, who was named Derek Crippin or Mullin – who was in the RAF.

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