Biggin Hill Airport – Flying Schools

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Biggin Hill Airport
tel: 01959-540495 ALOUETTE FLYING CLUB
Biggin Hill Airport
England Biggin Hill Helicopters

Biggin Hill Airport

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Other flying schools at Biggin Hill:
Civilair TEL: 01959 573853
Surrey and Kent Flying School. TEL:01959 572255
EFG Flying School. TEL:01959 540400
Kingair / Cabair / Biggin Hill School Of Flying (all the same company under different names)

2 thoughts on “Biggin Hill Airport – Flying Schools”

  1. Hi there

    I would like to start my flying lesson but would like to get full information on the course provided and including the packages you offer please

    Kind regards

  2. A group of Air Force Officers and myself are about to launch a series of one and two day very up market Battle of Britain Tours.
    We are marketing this in the City of London and also the wider UK and overseas where we have business contacts especially from Canada and Australia. They are already enquiring about possible Spitfire or Hurrican flights. I cannot find a telephone number for Biggin Hill. Please forward to I am the CEO. We also want to tour Biggin Hill hangars and The Chapel. You help would be great. Kind Regards

    Jan Dawson

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