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Its that time of year again.   Information relating to the broadcast of Air Fair Radio under Radio Special Licence is as follows:   Air Fair Radio will be broadcasting from the 2002 Biggin Hill International Air Fair again on 87.9FM.   The broadcast duration has been extended this year from Thursday 30th May from 0800Hrs until Monday 03rd June when we will close down at 1800Hrs.   This is to give everyone a better chance to participate in in the happy event of the Queens Golden Jubilee and participate either in person at the broadcast studio located at the airfield over these days or via the telephone on 0870 740 7171 in our many competitions and phone in’s.   Air Fair Radio will be broadcasting a complete live commentary from our own commentators (whom are experienced pilots in there own right), plus news, rewiews and competitions including another band competition that was so well received last year, (driving our phones to near exploding point) and is completely mixed live by our

Air Fair Radio

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It is now confirmed Air Fair Radio is back and will be broadcasting on 87.9FM from Friday 2nd June until the evening of Sunday 4th June 2000.   We’ll be broadcasting our unrivalled service of news, music, information and commentary live and direct from Biggin Hill’s historic airfield  – this time in stereo – on crystal clear FM.   The programme schedule is as follows (this is subject to slight variation and may well continue round the clock! – Tune in for updates!   Friday 2nd June   0600 -0900 Paul Stafford 0900 – 1200 Sam Matterface : The preview 1200 – 1500 Steve Jones 1500 – 1800 Steve Aitkin 1800 – 1900 Tonight – With Sam Matterface and Steve Jones The Subject “The Biggin Hill Airport Expansion – the issues exposed in our live phone in 0870 740 7171 1900 – 2100 Mark Henderson 2100 – 2300 Neil Munday “The Music Man” of Biggin Hill. Dedications on 0870 740 7171 2300 – 0200 TBC 0200 – 0600 TBC   Saturday 3rd June   0600 – 0900 Paul Stafford 0900 – 1200 Sam Matterface: The preview 1200 – 1800 The Biggin Hill Airfair Live with Steve Jones(1200-1500) and Steve Aitkin (1500-1800) at the controls with Ian Marshall and Chris Royal being your sight for the 2000 airshow. 1800 – 2000 Mark Henderson 2000 – 2200 Neil Munday “The Music Man” of Biggin Hill. Dedications on 0870 740 7171 2200 – 0200 TBC 0200 – 0600 TBC   Sunday 4th June   Repeat  Schedule as Saturday 3rd.   Don’t forget to tune in on 87.9FM Dedications, competitions and phone ins are on 0870 740 7171.

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own engineer.   Air fair Radio 87.9 FM from Thursday 30th May 2002


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  1. neil i’am looking for nigel stokes formerly of chiswick w4 used to use his studio in grove park gdns you can reach me on winpanch @ hot mail . com

  2. Just come across this report, it seems so long ago. I used to live in Jail Lane and work at the airport, I still pop up from time to time as my father still lives close by, stop and catch up with a few old friends.

    I’m still on the radio (Sat 12-3pm) and am a director of a community radio station called SUSY (SUssex and SurreY) Radio on 103.4 FM which if you head towards Godstone you will pick up!

    Neil Munday (the music man of Biggin Hill!)

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