Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill Airport

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The Current weather conditions

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The History of Biggin Hill Airport  
during World War II

The Biggin Hill wing of the  

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Biggin Hills Pilots Pals Bar

Enjoy a meal at a lovely old English Inn

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Helicopter flights and sales,   Biggin Hill Helicopters

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The Grasshopper Inn at Westerham
SQUAWKS, problems noted by USAF pilots.


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6 thoughts on “Biggin Hill Airport”

  1. My father was ground crew with the 610 squadron during the Battle of Britain and I am writing a book about his war years. Does Biggin Hill have a ‘logo’ like Acklington or other airfields? I have searched but cannot find anything. Thank you in advance Sandra

  2. Does the Spitfire which flies over the Sevenoaks area most day s
    operate from Biggin Hill ?
    How can I find out about it ?

  3. Hi you have an air display on the 18th of August 1st flight is over the Isle of White, could u possibly tell me what time they are flying over . penny.

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