Biggin Hill Airport Beyond the Bump 1 by Joseph J Merchant

“Biggin Hill Airport Beyond the Bump 1”

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Available from @£9.95 plus P&P – 247 PAGES 182 images. Also available on Kindle. Published 2014 by Pilots Pals

Part one of the unwritten story of what happened at R.A.F. Biggin Hill during its final days as an operational fighter station, the preceding years back to the early 50’s and the military era.


This historic Battle of Britain fighter station survived where many others were decommissioned to make room for redevelopment. The closure of London’s Croydon Airport gave birth to a new generation of both private and commercial pilots on this hallowed ground and created a unique training and social environment that would flourish for many years. This publication seeks to record some of the people and their aircraft that facilitated this transaction together with a celebration of the success of one individual who turned his dreams into reality. Part two completes the story of one aviation enthusiast and private pilot.

Joseph J Merchant.
ISBN 978-0-9929626-0-9

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