BIGGIN HILL AIRPORT UPDATE – IMPORTANT – The Council will sit again on 25th March (Scrutiny Committee) and 27th March (Executive) at 7.00pm to review operations at the airport. For the first time in eight years the report submitted by officers for councillors’ consideration shows understanding and, importantly, acknowledgement of the main issues (most of them). However, yet again, the report proves that the Council is unwilling to show any teeth against its tenant, who has clearly been a recalcitrant party at the negotiating table. After six months, none of the Council’s requests has been accepted by BHAL and what is it proposed that the Council do? The proposal is to give BHAL yet more unquantified time of “business as usual” while residents are expected to suffer more summers of hell. Unless councillors decide to impose sanctions (the Council has legal means to challenge the Airport), what incentive will BHAL have to accede to the Council’s requests? We are all tired and mistrustful of Bromley Council, but let us acknowledge that, after eight years, it has at last started to face the issues. THAT IS ONLY DOWN TO PUBLIC PRESSURE. Therefore, please do not give up now. Write to your ward councillors, copying, expressing a strong request that sanctions be imposed on BHAL if they do not co-operate within a short deadline. Please attend the public meetings, particularly the one on 25th March (7.00pm, Council Chamber at the Civic Centre in Stockwell Close, BR1 3UH) but, if you can’t, that meeting is also live-streamed at Click on the link at 7.00 pm and it should come alive. Although we have all had enough of empty words, it is important to continue to exercise pressure and ask for ACTION. The link will allow you to follow proceedings without skipping dinner, or worrying about putting the children to bed, or sitting on hard benches. The Council will be able to see the number of viewers. If you want to read the full report that will be discussed, you will find it at pages 133 to 166 of
Do not give up!

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