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  1. My Father Harry Norman RAFVR Service Number 770539
    was stationed at RAF Biggin Hill 1939 to 1942
    does anybody remember him
    My twin Brother served in the RAF 1952 /1955
    I served in the RAF 1952/1956
    it would be wonderful if anyone could give us any information
    many thnks in advance
    A Norman

  2. My great-uncle John Stone has just written a book about growing up and running the farm at Norheads, which bordered the airfield. His family ran a dairy and supplied the airforce, and he was a volunteer fireman during the war, so it is full of interesting stories. I’ve just had a print run of 100 books done, but am thinking that if it would be interesting to people I would upload the document up to an on-demand books site, so it could be more widely distributed. My main incentive is to get the document out widely to anyone who would be interested in it.

    1. Hi Lizzy, i have just seen your message regarding the book about Norheads farm. i grew up just down the road from there. i would be intrested in this book. Have you got a link to purchase this book please. Regards Ian Kirby

  3. Hi,
    One side of my family – the Gees – hail from Biggin Hill. Has anyone got any photographs of Gees Garage which stood on the corner of Lebanon Gardens, or The Cedars, the house that stood behind it ? The Cedars was probably the first house in Biggin Hill with electric lighting – fed by a generator at the garage.
    Thanks, John G

    1. Hi John

      My name is Mark Gee and I am related to Alfred Benjamin Gee who lived at the Cedars. I don’t have any photos of the house but do have a photo of Ben I think.


  4. Does anyone know when both Migs and Sukhois featured at Biggin Hill? I remember them vaguely but not when and even remebered the famous straight up engines off float to nose down and engines back on! Had a debate with a teenager interested in Aircraft who said they wouldn’t have had Russian pilots (he wasn’t even born!)
    Any info appreciated links and pictures even better as I can find nothing online and can’t sift through old photos anything anyone has picturewise or information from 1980 onwards to mid 1990s will be greatly appreciated.

  5. I was detached to RAF Biggin Hill as a Leading Aircraftsman between September 13th & the 14th 1974 from my home base at RAF Wyton to do airfield security and crowd control for the Biggin Hill Airshow.
    I have some photos that unfortunately aren’t brilliant that I took as and when I could, bearing in mind I was supposed to be controlling crowds.

    I’m currently writing my memories of my time in the RAF and I have a question to ask.
    Does anyone know what aircraft took part in the displays that year and what countries they were from?
    I certainly remember the Italian Air Force and the Red Arrows.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Robin ‘Patches’ Ellwood

  6. Remember being at an air show in the 80’s when a display went wrong and a plane came down, I was living in Croydon but from Scotland and when I spoke to my Mum the next day she had not heard of the disaster and I still can,t forget how awful it was being there as a witness to something dreadful that was not ‘newsworthy’.

  7. This was my first posting from May 1988 -June 1989( before being posted to RAF Gatow Berlin )
    and I loved every minute of it.A very special place.
    Andy Geordie Marshall

  8. This was my first posting from May 1988 -June 1989( before being posted to RAF Gatow Berlin )
    and I loved every minute of it.A very special place.
    Andy Geordie Marshall

  9. This was my first posting from May 1988 -June 1989( before being posted to RAF Gatow Berlin )
    and I loved every minute of it.A very special place.
    Andy Geordie Marshall

  10. Hi

    I am trying to get any info on my uncle Ron Copper who I believe died in a air-crash at Biggin Hill in 1948 he was a pilot in the RAF


  11. Hello,
    I am researching a family tree and am trying to trace William Hallam who was based at Biggin Hill around 1944/1945. If anybody has information I would be really grateful.
    Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    I am researching a family tree and am trying to trace William Hallam who was based at Biggin Hill around 1944/1945. I would be really grateful if anybody can help with any information.
    Thank you.

  13. Hello, I’m trying to learn the name of the town clerk of Biggin Hill in August 1978. I met this person in Beckenham and I would like to look him up on Facebook.
    As for our veterans, my late father was a bombardier in North Africa. After the war he was a test pilot flying out of various bases in the U.S. and Japan. No connection to Biggin Hill but God bless him and all our veterans past and present.

  14. My father was stationed at RAF Biggin Hill in the 60s. We lived in RAF quarters in a house named Elm House, it was opposite the main gate. I am now in my 70s and am trying to locate this property on Google Maps. No luck so far, in fact I do not even recognised the place at all.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

    1. Just seen your post on Biggin Hill, with time on my hands because of lock down. I lived in married quarters just opposite main gates no10 Vincent square from 1963 – 68. Have good memories of those days and I am about to see if I can find pictures.

      1. Hi Pat,
        I now live at number 23 Vincent Square. If you have any photos of the square during those times I would love to see them.

        Thank you.

    2. My father was also stationed at Biggin Hill in the late 60’s. We lived at Grenfel Road and I have also looked on Google maps! It looks like the houses have all been demolished and a new estate built apart from Vincent square that is. I remember the Sunday school at the Salvation Army which was run by a lovely couple with twin daughters. I also remember collecting paraffin from the Esso Blue machine outside of the Naafi, dragging a huge gerry can behind me!
      Loved the out door swimming pool too! It was kidney shaped if I remember rightly. I think I can pinpoint it on Google earth!

  15. God Bless every single one of our Veterans. They are the ones who opened such an Important Door to all of us called :

    I always had Respect for all the Veterans of the Battle of Britain. Myself, I served 27 years in the Canadian Air Force and hope that one day I will have the pleasure to visit the ” Biggin Hill Museum “.

    1. I hope that you will visit St. George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance and the Remembrance Garden at Biggin Hill. They share the same site as the museum. If you do not already know, the Chapel has beautiful stained glass windows , reredos that name every man who lost his life flying out of Biggin Hill, a Remembrance book and donated mementoes. The Garden has ashes of those RAF personnel who survived the war, their wives and those associated with the Chapel. It is a calm and peaceful place ; evocative and full of memories and spirits.

  16. As a member 665 squadron ATC (Colfes School) I spent many a happy Saturday mornings flying in various aircraft. Most enjoyable was as a passenger in a Tiger Moth being taken to a maintenance unit in the Midlands and returning with another.

  17. Hello Mark, I believe, as my father had a bad heart & was unable to join the forces he became an ARP or something similar. My Sister & I think that he was sent to Biggin Hill to be taught first aid. Would this have been the case? I’d be very interested in your reply

  18. On February 13 a 100-year-old vet named Ray Roberts flew over Biggin Hill in the back seat of a two-seater Spitfire. Allegedly Roberts flew from the base in 1940 until shot down and so badly injured himself in the course of parachuting down that he was on ferry duty with the Air Transport Auxiliary for the rest of the war. I have been unable to find a reference to Roberts, his squadron or the date of his injury. Might Biggin Hill have an archive with that information? Sincerely, Jon Guttman, research director, Aviation History magazine, Vienna, Virginia USA.

  19. I am currently the Chairman of the Romney Marsh Wartime Collection at Brenzett in Kent. We have had donated some artefacts reputed to come from Gloster Meteor F4, EE559 of 615 Squadron which crashed near Smarden on 6th January 1951. The pilot was a Sqdn Ldr Hood. I have tried an on line search but have been unable to find any further information. I am hoping to shortly put the items in the Museum so any extra details to enhance the display would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks, regards, Mark.

  20. I’m looking for any info at all for a friend’s biological father, who was named Derek Crippin or Mullin – who was in the RAF.

  21. Good afternoon….I would like to ask you information about Derek B White…I hv been to Anglo American Flight Academy in Fort Worth TX during 1982….many thks ….Paolo Bottinelli – Bergamo – Italy

  22. Hello. I am enquiring about horse riding lessons for my 4 year old daughter. Can you email me details please of how to start her off.
    Many thanks

  23. I was based there in 1955. It was highly guarded because of the threat of the IRA. I remember those on guard duty toured the camp in a Landrover armed with sticks and Very pistols. The RAF Regiment were based there as was 41 Squadron with Hawker Hunter Aircraft. Sometimes we were involved in exercise ‘Fabulous’ The idea was that 24/7 there were always 2 fighter Aircraft aloft. The downside was that takeoff was at 04:00hrs and the noise used to wake everybody up.
    Also at the base were the ‘Weekend Wonders’ These were Auxiliary Airmen who just wanted a ‘jolly’ for a couple of days. Some of them were attached to the RAF Regiment and on occasions went on exercises to North Wales.
    The food in the Mess was excellent. I believe that this was because there was an monetary allowance for feeding the Auxiliary Airmen and there was never 100% attendance!!
    I seem to remember that we had a Squadron of Gloster Meteors and as far as I can recall it was 610 squadron, but I may be wrong.
    Those were great times and from there I was posted to Cyprus were I stayed until just before demob at the end of 1959.
    Why I ever decide to leave I know not and if I could live my life again, I would sign on for more than the 5 years (+4 on reserve) that I did.

  24. i was stationed at biggin Hill from l945/6 WAAF Wireless operator 2160047

    been back a couple of times for Air show days – love Spitfires – recently attended opening of Spitfire gallery in Birmingham think Tank – I am now 90 years of age

    1. Hi Pat, do you have any memories that I cold add to the website. I am sure yo have a few. Thanks for your post. Regards, Paul

      1. Here, here! Does anyone know what the Nissen huts were used for at Moorhouse sandpits during WW11? There are a couple on the Redland Tile site and they are in close proximity to Biggin Hill Airport and maybe used for storage/training/wireless tests? Any light on this may help to save a little piece of our heritage out of respect for those who fought so bravely for us.

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