Big Bird in Biggin Hill

Biggin Hill boy has a Big Bird


birdboy2.jpg (25452 bytes) Jonathan Ames of Biggin Hill has an unusual hobby. At the age of 12 he is able to handle and train a giant bald Eagle, Alaska, who will soar to 4,000ft with her 7 and 1/2 foot wing span. With a signal from Jonathan, Alaska will swoop down with her half opened wings acting like a parachute onto his outstretched arm.

Jonathan also has a Harris Hawk called Patsy, a Eurasian Eagle called Plop, Marsh Harriers, a Turkey Vulture, a Black Vulture and a Lanner Fulkan at his home.

Jonathan, from Charles Darwin school Biggin Hill, took his pet Eagle into school for pet week. His teacher Jonathan Medwin, was very impressed by Jonathan’s knowledge of birds of prey.

Jonathan must be one of the youngest people in Britain to fly such a magnificent bird as Alaska, but he knows the dangers involved. The bald eagle could rip off his ear for a tasty snack if she wanted to but with careful training and a daily supply of day old chicks, supplemented by tripe, rats, mice and quail for extra protein, Jonathan has Alaska under control. Feeding birds can be quite horrible sometimes but I have got used to it, said Jonathan.

Jonathan’s ability to handle birds of pray at such an early age, has come from his father, Alan, who runs ‘Eagle Heights’, Kent’s Bird of Prey Centre.

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