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75 years for Lyne Butchers

224, Main Road Biggin Hill, Kent. TN16 3BD.
For Telephone orders call 01959 572023

One hundred years ago, Biggin Hill did not exist as a place on the map,. It was not until Aperfield Court Estate held an auction of 250 plots of freehold building land on Easter Monday in 1901 that the town began to develop. Even after the plots were sold, people were, for the most part, in no hurry to settle on the estate. The majority chose just to visit their land for picnics on summer weekends and bank holidays. It is amazing, therefore, to learn that Lyne Butchers are celebrating 75 years in business this week! See our History section.

The business was started by Mr. H. Lyne, and he was later joined by his son, Les, who retired last year.

Alan Thorpe,shown here, started working for Lyne Butchers at Christmas 1970 as a Saturday boy and last year, he became the new owner.

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Joe Peak in the freezer

Whilst most privately owned butcher’s shops are in decline, Lyne Butchers goes from strength to strength. Changes over the last five to six years have kept Lyne’s bang up-to-date with a greater range of ready-to-cook products and more recently, their barbecue selection has become the largest in the area. Kebabs in various marinades, spare ribs, marinated chops, chicken pieces in a variety of spicy flavours and a huge range of home-made sausages make eating ‘al fresco’ easy and exciting.

Alan’s staff includes Joe Peak, who has been with the business for 5 years and Robert Dadd, who started as a Saturday boy three years ago and last week started to work full time, having left school. With the extra pair of hands, Alan intends branching out still further on speciality foods. Try his Chicken Charmaine which are chicken breasts, stuffed with cream cheese and garlic and wrapped in streaky bacon.Despite a smart new look both outside and inside, Lyne Butchers still pride themselves on traditional standards with personal service being a priority. They also provide a home delivery service which means customers can simply telephone in their orders, and they intend to continue selling British meat, the best in the world, at the keenest prices.

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  1. I went to Jail Lane school in th 1940,s with two sisters from the Lyne family, I think one of them was called Joan. I have a photo of her in a school band. Thelma Sears.

    1. They were Julia and Sheila Lyne Daughters of Mr S L Lyne whose shop was on the Main Road adjacent to Llebanon Gardens. The original Lyne Butchers was on the Main Road opposite Village Green Way, now Mears funerals.

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