Double Disaster at Biggin Hill

Double Disaster at Biggin Hill

A probe investigation is under way into the second fatal plane crash at the Biggin Hill Air Fair.

On Saturday a 1950’s De Havilland Vampire fell from the sky after appearing to get court in another plane’s slipstream.
The pilots were Jonathon Ker 40 from Bournmouth and Sir Ken Hayr 60.The plane went down 200 meters from a housing development in the North part of the airport and was the last display of the day.

On Sunday a single seater US 1940’s Bell King Cobra crashed and exploded into a fireball, yards from the crowd at the Biggin Hill air show, when it spiraled out of control.  The pilot was Guy Bancroft-Wilson 43 a BA captain based at Gatwick.

Photograph taken by David Wadsworth who said:

“Sadly it is of the pilot killed on Sunday in the King Cobra. I had been so taken with his stunts and low buzzing that I took a series of shots as he passed over head. This is one of them”.


3 thoughts on “Double Disaster at Biggin Hill”

  1. If you are still able to find these photos please could you send them to me. I’m fairly certain these are the last photos of my father.


    1. I was there that day and remember saying to my wife and son”He’s not going to make that”as he came out of the low loop.
      I have nothing but admiration for his ability to bring his plane down in an area of safety for the public watching,and local residents.
      A very brave man!

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