Future of Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill Airport: Possible changes to flight paths revealed as new consultation gets under way

Biggin Hill Airport managing director Will Curtis

Biggin Hill Airport managing director Will Curtis

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    London Biggin Hill Airport…..an aviation community on our doorstep

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Through the years…

London Biggin Hill Airport has been a vital part of our local community since 1917 when it was first opened as a wireless testing station.

Since then it has evolved through wartime action as a vital Fighter Station which is synonymous with the Battle of Britain and has seen the ongoing development of aviation and communications, to civil airfield, commercial airport and the success story of today.

The Airport today

Regional Airports Ltd. run by Andrew Walters, who owns Biggin Hill Airport  has now upgraded facilities and the runway to make the airport ideal for businessmen using small jets like A319CJ,  which are able to carry up to 50 passengers.

The airport has a long enough runway and now has handling facilities to service commercial airliners. It is thought by some that future growth would be focused largely on European flights for business commuters. However, has transport to the airport been considered?  Will investment for a rail link and improved road links be a condition to the expansion of the Airport?

The CAA has classed Biggin Hill’s runway as a Cat 3,   which means that aircraft with a wingspan not exceeding 36 metres can operate at Biggin Hill. This outlaws Jumbo jets but will allow smaller jets for example, Boeing 737 – 500 series, Airbus A319 and 320 aircraft to name a few.

b737.jpg (31935 bytes)

Boeing 737 – 500 Series at Biggin Hill

The Airport community provides many services including:

  • light aviation training
  • private flying
  • hangarage
  • maintenance & completions
  • pleasure trips
  • ad hoc and corporate charter
  • helicopters
  • executive aviation
  • scheduled services
  • a huge annual air fair

The Airport in the local community

Overall there are 1000 people employed in over 55 businesses on the airfield, demonstrating the Airport’s vital role in local economic development. All airfield businesses are committed to employing and training local people. The airport itself employs 56 people.

The Airport’s operations are governed by it’s lease conditions with the London Borough of Bromley setting out restrictions on noise, operating hours, aircraft size etc and the Airport is firmly committed to working with local residents and community groups to discuss any concerns that may arise.

It is widely acknowledged that one of the airport’s main problems, particularly as it continues to grow is one of surface access, public transport links and so on. The Airport hopes to work with the relevant local and governmental bodies to improve access for users of the Airport and local residents alike.

The Changing Face of Aviation

London is the busiest aviation market in the world and as such, demand is outstripping the supply of capacity at London’s other Airports. As this happens, operators are beginning to note that Biggin Hill offers available capacity and as such the Airport will no doubt continue to grow at a steady rate with the development of scheduled services being an inevitable part of that growth.

VISIT THE AIRPORT WEBSITE AT www.bigginhillairport.com OR SEND THEM AN E-MAIL TO: enquiries@bigginhillairport.com

If you wish you could leave your views on our independant discussion board. We would be very interested to hear your opinion on any subject relating to Biggin Hill airport.

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  1. Let’s bloody well hope not. Lived here for 65 years and we’re almost screaming every day at jets passing over our house at low altitudes every few minutes including Jumbo Jets starting at 7am through to 8-9pm. Can’t have a quiet sit in the garden anymore. It’s like living in Hounslow not Kent peaceful rural countryside. Bromley Council has audacity to allow this and expect us to pay band G for our council tax in a semi-detached house directly under a flight path they allow and do nothing if you complain. Complete joke !!!

  2. Hello to whom concern I was wondering if Biggin airport will eventually allow flights to Gibraltar to the public so not just for private , vips.? Also do you consider work experiences for chrildren at near by schools Such as Charles Darwin.? ,Thank you

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