Electrical Solar Panels

Electrical Solar Panels

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Top News Wednesday 26 April 2000 from (Reuters) 

London playground starts selling electricity

 – Shrieking kids in an east London playground were

enjoying their swings and climbing frames all the more on Wednesday because from today they are making money selling electricity to the national grid. The mini-capitalists will sell any surplus electricity produced at tiny solar-powered Homerton Grove Adventure Playground to generator TXU Europe, under a nationwide scheme launched by the European arm of U.S. power giant TXU Corp on Wednesday.

TXU’s new scheme, aimed at boosting solar power in Britain, will allow

surplus solar power to be sold to TXU for 5.51 pence a unit, the same price the company charges for its fossil-fuel generated electricity.

Electricity companies

have previously either not paid for surplus solar power which some homes export to the grid or have paid between 2.5 pence and four pence, said environmental group Greenpeace, which worked with TXU on the scheme.

TXU said it hopes the solar net contract, which is open to the first 1000

domestic customer applicants who either have existing solar panels or who wish to install them, will encourage the take-up of solar power.


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