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There are severial reasons why people may be interested in sources of alternative energy, and other related fields. It may be that power from the grid would be too expensive to install, or power may be needed for remote signalling / controll equipment or to reduce electricity and gas bills of ecologicaly minded people in houses and factories. We will be posting some information here which we hope will be useful to people who are interested in alternative energy.

e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Build your own solar water heating panels
e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Wind Power
e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Lead Acid Batteries
e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Electrical Solar Panels
e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Heat Pumps
e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Economical Selenium Photo Voltaic Cells


e4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Build your own solar water heating panelse4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Wind Powere4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Lead Acid Batteriese4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Electrical Solar Panelse4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Heat Pumpse4535.jpg (1355 bytes)Economical Selenium Photo Voltaic Cells

Alternative Energy Links

Centre for Alternative Energy (CAT) is a unique demonstration centre designed to inspire, inform and enable society to move towards ecologically sustainable lifestyles. The Alternative Technology Association is the membership organisation of the centre for Alternative Technology. It is a network of people striving to reduce their impact on the Earth. It offers information, support and practical advice, plus a range of benefits including: The ATA Interests Network allowing members to contact each other, the Annual ATA conference, a 10% discount on their publications and courses, plus Clean Slate – the quarterly journal of sustainable living.
Contact: Steve Jones on 01654 702400. Email:

Solardyne Corporation is the premiere source on the Web for reliable renewable energy technology and high-efficiency appliances. The company focuses on the sale of solar and wind power equipment, providing consumers with power-on-demand with no accompanying fuel costs or pollution. Solardyne specializes in solar and wind home power systems, and is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go. For more information, visit

CADDET Energy Efficiency The information centre CADDET Energy Efficiency takes care for the international knowledge transfer about demonstration projects concerning energy efficient technologies.

GREENTIE (Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange) stimulates world wide the accessibility of clean and other technologies which contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions. There is a database with over 9000 suppliers of energy technologies.

IEA A basic aim of the International Energy Agency (IEA) is to foster co-operation among its participating countries, to increase energy security through energy conservation and development of alternative energy sources, new energy technology and research.

CADDET Renewable Energy. The information centre CADDET Renewable energy takes care for the international knowledge transfer about demonstration projects concerning renewable energy.

Waste Web The Building Research Establishment has launched an initiative to match construction waste suppliers with users in the short space of time that waste is both available from a demolition site and needed on a construction site.

Helios WWW Server is a new website that is an electronic waste exchange where companies can offer or search for materials.

Fuel Cells   – Yes, all you wanted to know about fuel cells.

edie – Environmental Data Interactive Exchange – a free news and information service dedicated to enviomental professionals. More than just news and information, edie provides an intelligent range of interactive services. You can find a job in the job centre or just tell edie what job you want and she will e-mail you when she finds it. Need to keep up to speed on contaminated land remediation, or sewage sludge refuse? Just register for a personal  update and edie will email you with new information when it comes on-line.

To find an EMS training course, just search edie’s Training centre under ‘EMS’ instead of taking your chances at a general search engine. The same applies for technical information, new technology, software, events……Edie also has a dedicated environmental search engine which takes your query out onto the web.

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