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  1. Hi,
    I believe I have the signal bell from Biggin Hill – dated 1940 –
    which was presented to a squadron leader on his retirement.Who am I able to talk to about it please?

    1. Virgo in an Australian antiques dealer. “I’m an antiques dealer in Australia
      and had the opportunity to buy some items from the estate of Squadron Leader
      Glyn Huyton who migrated to Australia some time after the war.His son does
      not have children and he is hoping his father’s things remain in
      circulation. He mentioned his father saying he acqired the bell on his
      retirement from HQ RAF Fighter Command at Bentley Priory. I am wanting to
      sell the bell if your establishment is interested. There is a good market for
      it here however I thought it would be appropriate if it went home. The bell
      measures 320mm high and has AM 1940 stamped on front with broad arrow on
      top.It weighs over 20kg”

      If there is any interest, please get in touch via

  2. Good afternoon,

    I’ve been trying to email the webmaster but keep receiving a permanent failure notice. I’m the Treasurer of the local Archery Club (Leaves Green Bowmen) based in Biggin Hill (Jail Lane) and was wondering if we could advertise our existence on the site?

    I was also after contacting the organisers of the Biggin Hill Festival to find out if they would be interested in us setting up an archery ‘have-a-go’ at the fete. Do you have contact details so that I could have a chat with them?

    Keith Adams
    Leaves Green Bowmen

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