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Hi, hoping you may be able to help me.
Is there a Local Family History Society in existence for Biggin Hill, as I am checking to see if “Grasmere” Sunningdake Avenue, which existed in 1932 is still there. Am searching for the Collingwood family, ex R.A.F. then serving at Biggin Hill aerodrome.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small.
Alf. Tranter.

Alf Tranter    Thu 18/04/02 10:55

my name is Daniel Chick, I play for biggin hill football team, I like Sam Edwards and I think she likes me

daniel chick    Thu 31/01/80 17:46

Do you know of Basia?   She is a Polish singer who lives in Biggin Hill.  If you can get any information about her releasing a CD this year (when?)  I would be very grateful.  Thank you very much,  Thelma Gunter  Greenville, South Carolina, USA

ERNEST L GUNTER    Mon 08/04/02 00:50

Hi all
In case the Biggin Hill Airport past user mailers do not reach you, I am sending the following reproduced text by email as well……
2:30pm Saturday 13th April 2002, RAF Memorial Chapel, Biggin Hill
Sqd Ldr W A Webb 25th July 1915 – 9th March 2002
On Saturday 9th March 2002, our friend and colleague, Bill Webb, made his last great journey.
Bills passing leaves so many of us with a gap that will be difficult to fill – it is very much the end of an era! Famous for his ferry flights in various different aircraft types to strange and distant continents (76 countries visited) Bill has indeed “done everything, and been everywhere”.
With almost 70 years in Aviation (43 of them at Biggin Hill), Bill has become a legend. From the first Tiger Moths that he sold into the Civil Aviation market after the war, to the dozens of DH Dove and Heron aircraft that almost became his trade mark, there will be many who will have reason to remember Bill fondly. He will be sadly missed.
To pay our last respects to this very special man, please join us for a memorial service in the RAF chapel at Biggin Hill, and afterwards at Bill’s “local” – The Pilots Pals Club bar to see him off in style.
(Car Parking available – RAF Chapel Car Park – The Manor car park opposite – and Civilair. Please avoid parking on Main Road)
In order for us to plan for traffic and numbers, it would be really helpful if you could confirm whether you will be able to join us.
—————- Post to John Willis, 26 Churchside Close, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3QF I will be attending Bill Webb’s Memorial Service on Saturday 13th April 2002
Name(s)…………………………………… Number attending…………… or telephone 01959 571533 Fax 01959 540424 Email:
PS. It would be really helpful, for database accuracy, if you could reconfirm your postal address, and day/evening/mobile phone numbers, as well as your email address. This will ensure that you receive airfield past user notices as they are generated. Thanks

Biggin Hill Reunited    Tue 26/03/02 12:57

I just found your web site. I use to come to the motor cycle races held at Biggin Hill in the sixties. Lots of excitement was had by all. Not to mention the motor cycle road races on the way home. (Just to think about it in all that traffic makes me shudder these days) ha, ha.

John Withers    Wed 20/03/02 14:11

Hello from John and Vivi Couban.
We used to live at 94 Kings Road and left in 1975 to move to Nova Scotia. We would be delighted to hear from people from those years! our email address:

John and Vivi Couban    Sun 17/03/02 20:24

Has anyone anything which they  “rescued” from Biggin Hill before it was handed over to Ministry of Defence in 1992, that they’d be willing to part with ? ?   I understand that aircraft / aviation enthusiasts were on the scene at the time and obtained  ‘souvenirs’ so wonder if there’s anyone out there who’d be prepared to part with a little of what they  “rescued”……….willing to buy, depending on item and price  ! !

daisy dunphy    Wed 27/02/02 20:36

I am a 60 yo now, but from my days as a child, always heard stories of Biggin Hill Airfield and the men who flew from there during the war.  It is imprinted on my mind to the extent, that should I ever be able to visit England, then Biggin Hill will be on the list of places to visit.
Brian James……( Melbourne, Australia )

Brian James    Sat 02/02/02 15:14

Hi, I was wondering if you know of a Polish singer named Basia who lives in Biggin Hill?  I am just a fan in the United States and a mother of six.  I would love to know if she has some more music in the making.  Thanks so much.
Thelma Gunter Greenville, SC

ERNEST L GUNTER    Mon 14/01/02 22:43

I lived in BH between 1947 until 1960, living in Sunningvale Avenue. I recently went back, and although of course much has changed – my house is no longer there – I found it a great experience.
I went to BH Primary school – with the brown uniform and the badge with the aeroplane on it – and still have many fond memories of it. If anyone can tell me where I can get copies of photographs of the valley at that time, or the carnival procession (with the Cubs on a lorry and others on foot) I would be even more pleased.
I would like some to. webmaster

Bill Sh    Wed 02/01/02 20:30

Congratulations to Flightpath and all who have worked so hard to prevent excessive expansion of the airport. Well Done!!
Derek Gray.

Derek Gray    Sat 29/12/01 09:42

I believe expansion of Biggin Hill will be a good thing. Why should people fly around Europe from a small number of airports such as Stanstead and Gatwick. I guess airliners like the BAE 146 can easily be accommodated already. Why can’t we have some 146 operators like British Airways, British European or Buzz using Biggin Hill? It makes sense to me.
Martyn H.Taylor

Martyn H.Taylor    Wed 26/12/01 21:09

My wife and I are currently living in Shortlands, Bromley and will be moving to Biggin Hill soon as we have bought a house. We are looking forward to enjoying the immense history of the area. Rodney and Debbie.

Askham, Rodney    Fri 16/11/01 15:25

what I’m going to tell you is something incredible to say the least… I’ve read on a website ( that every 19th January a phantom Spitfire is seen and heard over Biggin Hill!! Have anyone further info about this (above all, is there any positive evidence)?
Regards Mr. Gianmaria Spagnoletti, Italy.

Gianmaria    Thu 08/11/01 18:18

The cancellation of the pool shows what total smarmy arsed bandits the tory controlled council is. Tickner leader of the tories is a greasy bastard

Chris    Tue 02/10/01 23:25

I am amazed that there is another Susan Davies in Biggin Hill. I shall be moving to the place on the hill in the next two weeks so anyone who has some good advise on how to get the best from the area and what support is needed email me. Yours Susan Davies.

susan davies    Fri 28/09/01 19:14

Sorry, date of Biggin Hill reunion 23rd September not 22nd.

Graham    Tue 04/09/01 22:01

Lived in Biggin Hill in the early 60’s. Can well recall pushing baby in pram up Stock Hill to the grocer’s at the top. Coming down the hill wasn’t too funny, either. Kings Road wasn’t made up then, but it probably is now.

Sally    Mon 03/09/01 16:42

Graham, Thanks for the note, but I have only just seen it.  A week to late.  I hope it went well, sorry I missed it.  I wonder if anyone I knew was there?  if you want to get in touch here is my

David Lefever    Tue 21/08/01 19:47

I think its an excellent idea to have a museum and cannot for the life of me understand why it has not been done. With the power of the internet surly you could get a worldwide petition on the go and give Bromley a good shake up. You need publicity and backing and I for one would back you all the way.
Yours Susan Davies BA (Hons)

Susan Davies    Thu 16/08/01 00:49

David Lefever might like to know that there is a reunion of people who lived in Biggin Hill, around the time he lived there, on 22nd September at the Squash Courts in Jail Lane (almost oppposite Charles Darwin School). between 10am and 4pm.

Graham    Wed 15/08/01 20:56

Passed by your Airport today. Quite impressive from the road with the aeroplanes standing on the verge. Must return another day and have a good look around.
Mike Suckling

Mike Suckling    Tue 14/08/01 01:11

Hi,  I was wondering if you know if Basia, a singer originally from Poland, lives in Biggin Hill?  That is the last place I heard that she lives.  I am a fan from the United States and there are a group of us who wait to hear anything about her.  If you have any access to her we would love to know when she may have a new CD out.  Thanks ,  If you do have access please feel free to share my email address with her that we may communicate.  Thank you so very much.  Thelma Gunter, Greenville, SC

ERNEST L GUNTER    Tue 26/06/01 07:48

Reading Sally’s entries, I bet everyone really misses her….mmmmmmm

Mick Bond    Fri 22/06/01 12:56

Hello all:
I am enthusiastic about anything that has wings……..particularly vintage WWII aircraft. My wife and I often attend our local flying museums and airshows here in Southern California. We have especially enjoyed visiting the air races at Reno, Nevada. We hope to someday visit England and attend the airshow at Biggin Hill.
Charles De Long

Charles De Long    Thu 21/06/01 16:23

Dear Andy
Thanks for your enquiry.  There really isn’t very much of the historical buildings and so on left here – most of it was flattened in the war unfortunately, and in fact the station commander took a decision to blow it up to avoid further bombardment of the airfield and surrounding area.  I suggest that you visit the RAF Chapel when you are here, which is also the official Battle of Britain Memorial site.  The Chapel wardens are fantastically nice, helpful and knowledgable people and perhaps a call to them prrior to your visit may also assist you in contacting others with a similar background to your mother.  The Chapel phone number is +44 (0) 1959 570353.  Also, you may be interested to read Bob Ogley’s superb book, “Biggin on The Bump”.I hope this is helpful and wish you every success.
Best regards


Marketing Manager
London Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB)
Biggin Hill
Kent  TN16 3BN
UK Tel: +44 (0) 1959 571111
Fax: +44 (0) 1959 540406
Website:   Mon 11/06/01 12:03

Dear webmaster
I am a flier from Australia and I will be visiting Britain for October this year. I am very interested in Visiting Biggin Hill. My late mother Mable Dorris Baker (nee) Spotswood was a radio operator on morse code to the fighters (particularly foreign allied pilot during ww2.She worked in the underground radio and ops rooms at Biggin Hill but would say only a little about it due to the secrecy of the installation. Is it possible to Visit the old radio rooms (or what is left of them) at Biggin Hill where my mother spent so many long nights on duty.Is it possible to find out if any of the other ops people who are still around and interested in talking to me.If you have any leads I would be most grateful.
Andy Baker.
Fax  Itnl.618 8375 8028.

Andy Baker    Sun 10/07/01 21:13

My name is Victoria and I live in Jail Lane, the point of my letter is of great concern to the size of the pool which may be built. I run a private health club within an affluent housing estate, we have a 8m x 20m pool where we cover all activities i.e. swimming lessons, aqua aerobics, mother and toddler sessions, snorkeling etc…
The housing estate has around 320 homes allowing approx. 5 people to become a member from each home = 1600 members.
With the size of the pool you are planning to build you may have quite a few complaints from members who are planning to come for a decent swim. At our pool we can only fit 5-7 fitness swimmers comfortably.
As for the depth of the pool 1m – 1.5m is ideal as most swimming lessons are awarded with the S.T.A. or A.S.A. certificates that require a depth 1.5m +
I look forward to hearing that the pool can be built.
If you would like anymore information that could be of any help then please do not hesitate in contacting me.
best of luck
Victoria 0956 342834

Victoria Holdsworth    Sat 07/07/01 07:33

Until we landed with our Piper PA 28 on the beautifull airport of Biggin Hill after a flight from Holland (EHTW) on saterday June 9, we didn’t know of the sad accidents that occured just a week ago. It was my first flight with my PPL licence to England and I was looking forward to it. But I couldn’t help thinking of the men who, just like me, love to fly planes and then they have to give their lifes. I feel very sorry for the relatives of the pilots that were killed and wish them a lot of strenght for the coming period. Moreover I want to thank you for the warm hospitality. I think Biggin Hill was one of the most friendly airports that I have visited during my 7 years of flying experience. Maybe I have to come to England more often…
Rob Rake. Holland

Rob Rake    Sun 10/06/01 22:03

I attended The air fair on sunday as i do every year and enjoyed the fantastic display of aircraft which never fail to amaze me. However I was also witness to the 2nd accident and would very much like to know the cause. If this is possible (I relise it may not be due to security) please could you reply to my e-mail of which the address follows: I believe Biggin hill airfair is one of the best organised and performed airfairs in the country and will continue to attend in the future. My thoughts are with the families of all the airmen lost at the weekend.
Thank you

Colin Adams    Wed 06/06/01 12:58

Many thanks for your e-mail.  As far as we know, the pilot of the King Cobra was attempting a loop, but all this is still to be clarified in the investigative process.
Marketing Manager
London Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB)
Biggin Hill
Kent  TN16 3BN
UK Tel: +44 (0) 1959 571111
Fax: +44 (0) 1959 540406   Wed 06/06/01 10:20

I am 79, a fighter bomber pilot in WWII. I flew a number of aircraft, including the P-40, (-47, A-36 and P-51D25.
Can you (or would you be willing to) tell me what maneuver the pilot of the P-63 was attempting when he crashed? I heard both a loop and a spin. What I saw on TV looked like a high speed stall coming out of a loop. Thank you. —Chas—
You might wich to check my story at

Chas    Wed 06/06/01 00:14

I am very sorry to here about those two crashes with three dead I would of been devastated to actually see it.

Tom Edwards    Tue 05/06/01 17:29

This is a short note to say how sad it was to witness the tragic accident of the KingCobra on Sunday. Obviously my heart go to the pilots family and friends, but also my heart goes to the organisers and other pilots. Along with my father I have been attending the air show ever since I was a child and will continue to follow the tradition when I have children. I do hope that even though this weekend was a major set-back for future air-fair related events it will not be the end of them.
Matthew Sethard-Wright

Matthew Sethard-Wright    Mon 04/06/01 08:55

Dear Biggin Hill organisers,
I visited the show this year on the sunday, and was devastated by the crashes that occured on both days and I am saddened that I witnessed the second one.
My thoughts and sympathy go out to all the people involved, especially the friends, colleagues and family of the pilots who died.
It brings a dark cloud over a show that is well organised and excellently run.
Best Regards,
Jamie Cormack

Jamie Cormack    Mon 04/06/01 18:14

I would like to take this oppertunity to thank every one involved in the air fair this weekend and would like to send my deeep sadness to the family and friends of the pilots killed this weekend and at the same time thank the pilots escpeciaally for sunday.tahnk u once again for a great show and here looking forward to next years event
from chris

EHCSP    Sun 03/06/01 21:18

Please can you pass on our condolences to the families of the three pilots who lost their lives this weekend at the Air Fair.
My family and I have been regular visitors to the Air Fair as long as I can remember and before now, I can never remember seeing an accident at Biggin Hill, and for there to be two over the weekend can only be described as terrible.
Seeing the vintage plans still flying in the sky is terrific. I’m sure I speak for many fans that the safety of the pilots is paramount and I’d rather see the pilots alive, rather than watching deadly stunts performed in sixty year old planes.
I hope the awful events of the weekend do not affect future air fairs at Biggin Hill, as it would be a shame to see such a fab show be changed in anyway.
Kindest Regards, Anisa Cogram and Family

Anisa Cogram    Sun 03/06/01 18:17

Please can you pass on our condolences to the families of the three pilots who lost their lives this weekend at the Air Fair.
My family and I have been regular visitors to the Air Fair as long as I can remember and before now, I can never remember seeing an accident at Biggin Hill, and for there to be two over the weekend can only be described as terrible.
Seeing the vintage plans still flying in the sky is terrific. I’m sure I speak for many fans that the safety of the pilots is paramount and I’d rather see the pilots alive, rather than watching deadly stunts performed in sixty year old planes.
I hope the awful events of the weekend do not affect future air fairs at Biggin Hill, as it would be a shame to see such a fab show be changed in anyway.
Kindest Regards, Anisa Cogram and Family

Anisa Cogram    Sun 03/06/01 18:17

Hi all,
I would just like to send condolences to the families of the two pilots tragically killed yesterday, it was very distressing to watch, I hope they can take some comfort in the fact that they both died doing something they obviously enjoyed and were immensely gifted at. I would also like to say that the police did an excellent job at the end of the show, we will be back next year hopefully some sort of tribute and/or donation fund can be started.
Alan,Rose, James and Vicky.

alan carter    Sun 03/06/01 07:56


Clare Chance    Fri 01/06/01 14:54

Hello Biggin hill massive,
This is Sally Smith here, if anyone remebers me I went to Charles Darwin I just want to say I miss you all and I miss Biggin Hill! I only live in Grove Park and I often visit you smelly lot! I miss whe me and my mates used to sit at Rose Hill (you know who you are) and wind the residents up by making loads of noise! I want to say a big hello to Mr Bertonshour (if that’s how you spell it) he is a P.E teacher at Charles Darwin and he is the best teacher they had when I was there! I f anyone remebers , me but don’t speak to me anymore I have got myself a job now and earning good money! I don’t live at home for the simple reason I don’t get on with my mum! I miss you lot so much ! all my crew Nancy, Amber, Ali, Budden, Chancy, Dave, Byfeild, Nick, Che, Chris and whoever I have missed out (I know there is loads more but I can’t be botherd to write them it takes too long! well if there is anyone who wants to email me you now have my Email adress!
Lots of love! Sally !

Sally Smith    Wed 23/05/01 16:16

For Donna Landry,
I knew a Stella Couban who lived in front of the Flying Macchine and imigrated to Nuova Scotia in the same year. The name doesn’t corrispond but the coincidence is too great, can you explain?
I’m Christina Scott, and I went to Oaklands with Stella, and Fiona Macmillan, and then we all went to Ravensbourne School for Girls. I would like to hear from Stella,  could you reply please even if its to say you know nothing of her,  it just seems a strange coincidence!
P.S Fiona if you stumble on this, reply too, although I keep track of you through Francesca! Best wishes.

christina scott    Tue 22/05/01 21:48

Hi all,
I’m looking for some information. I lived at RAF Biggin Hill 1958-1960 started school there, but I cannot remember the names of them (too young) One of them was a disused aircraft control tower on the RAF camp. The other one, which I started my school days was not far from the married quarters. Any info on these 2 schools would be greatly appreciated regardez Tony Wright

Anthony Wright    Thu 17/05/01 10:42

Having just found your site, I have just been wandering down memory lane.  Saw a few names I rememberd.  Colin Guiley who I was in the Ist Biggin Hill Scouts with.  Mrs Orme and her two sons, many of us owe a great debt to her, for the great youth club she set up in the WI hall.  I seem to remember Hank Marvin playing there, or is it just a trick of an aging memory.  Another memory is of Anns Pantry, where we spent all our time listening to the Juke Box, drinking endless cups of coffee and regularly getting banned for some minor infringement of Ann’s rules.
I married Pearl Anderson, and we have one son Paul.  I am now married to Janet, and we live in Norfolk.
Other names that come back are John (Tubby) Tremain, The Smith girls who lived in the Valley.  Norman Railton, Jail Lane.  My fathers work colleague, Bobby Boyet (???) who had a bungalow called Kostalot.
Any news of my then best friend Terry Clark (another scout) and his sister Barbera, I believe she still lives in the village.  I can still remember sitting in their front room watching ‘The Buckaneers’ on Commercial telly.  Also what became of Jimmy Newman who ran the Scouts then.  He was a geat chap and did a lot for us boys.
One of his on-going projects was to get recognition for the fact that the 1st Biggin Hill Troop was presented with a special flag, with I believe a Golden propeller on it, from RAF Biggin Hill for the work of the scouts during the war.  Apparantly the records were lost in a fire at the RAF Church.  There must still be someone out there who can remember it happening.
One correspondent in the 1999 guest book spoke of the post war use of the RAF camp.  I have many memories of the South Camp, as young lads, it was our ilicite playing ground.  I could tell many a yarn about the mischief we got up to.  It was also there where I met my first real love, Dianne Calder.  If anyone knows her, please say hellow for me.
My parents and I lived in Hawthorn Avenue, the bungalow was called Wyvern.  Originally it was called Vyrnwy, but my Mum and Dad could not get their tongues round that and my Dads Boss had just brought a Vauxhall Wyvern; bingo.
We had the fish shop next to Lynes the butchers, untill my mother died, and then we moved away, just after the bad winter of 63 or 64.

David Lefever    Mon 07/05/01 22:44

Hya Everyone,
I don’t suppose my contribution to this guestbook will be of much interest but seeing as I took a look at the website I feel I should sign in out of courtesy.
I used to visit the Saltbox cafe on and off and sometimes regularly around 1957 through to about 1962. Bernie was running at the time and was building a swimming pool that I beleive still exists to this day.
Going to the Saltbox on our motor bikes in our lesuire time was really great, I used to live in Croydon and some of the names I used keep company with in them days were Ron Grant (Became quite famous in riding  for the USA Suzuki team around 1970 and after). Bill (Yogi Bear) Louder. (Met up with Bill in the 70,s but haven’t seen him since). Carl who lived in Bichanger Road. And a few others who’s names have slipped from my aging mind!!
I live in Chichester now.

Bill White   Tue 01/05/01 16:43

I was born in Biggin Hill in 1954, went to Biggin Hill Primary School, then on to Bromley Grammar School for Girls.  Robbie Vincent was the DJ at the Spitfire Youth Club and David Bowie – then Jones – went to school with my brother at Bromley Technical School – is there any one out there who comes from the era.  I stayed in Biggin Hill until I got married in 1976 so let me know if anyone is still there.

Mary Higgs    Sun 29/04/01 19:33

I moved to Biggin hill about 2 months ago from Bromley, I love it, it’s nice and Quite, and i have got a smashing house up the side of the Valley on the way to Tatsfeild. Not one of those of the edge of the side jobs. All in all after living in Bromley through my teens it is great to leave the hell raising behind and live somewhere rural and quite where there is no constant roar of traffic and I can see the stars at night (and get more snow in the first week than in 5 years in Bromley)…. My Other/better half has lived in Biggin Hill for ages and now I see the attraction, and folks the teens around here aren’t too bad, i used to knock about up here when i was their age with some guys that lived here and we were no different (I mean if you are 15-17 and have no cash or wheels wouldn’t you be bored!!). That said if they mess with me I’ll kick there assess :-).
PS the approach to Recycling here is very encouraging, I see that in 99 there was some discussion on it but I am involved in environmental management and this is one step nearer to a responsible society.

Morris, Daniel   Tue 24/04/01 12:34

Good show nice to see such a web site but please if poss. more memories of RAF. days by personnel who where posted there or visiting aircrew. roy young. ex D.H. 44.years.retired.

Roy Young    Sat 31/03/01 21:02

Everyone should go and try the Kings Arms Pub, friday nights there are better than anywhere else in Biggin Hill which isnt hard. And they do some great food.
Mrs Skimmy. Weaselgirl    Tue 27/03/01 00:23

I’m looking for a pilot, name of jack Townley,the details are as follows. He was a member of the army flying corps in the 1st war as a pilot. He was almost certainly based at biggin hill in the 2nd. He dyed in 1940/41.and recieved either the DFC or victoria cross. Any help or suggestions gratefully recieved.

ROBIN MURRAY    Tue 20/03/01 17:56

Can you tell me why Biggin Hill was so named? I am just curious as my mother-in-law is a Biggin and she remembers something about a Biggin landing at Keson in a hot air balloon c. late 1800s. So far I have not seen anything in the histories of the airfield or village to clarify this.

Graham Vercoe    Wed 14/03/01 00:15

Hello people,
Its Sally Smith here!
I used to go to Charles Darwin but I left about 5 months ago coz none of the teachers liked me! But I don’t care coz I have got myself a job and I love it!
Any one who remembers me HELLO! And hello to everyone in year 11 at Charles Darwin now!
Lots of love and sympathy for those who are still at Charles Darwin!
Sally SmithxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Sally Smith    Thu 08/03/01 12:23

If any residents of Biggin Hill, would kindly like to sponsor him, Steve Travis is running in the London marathon on April 22nd to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research. There is also a personel aspect, last year Steves brother was diagnosed with MS.
For ; pledges/info/etc,   Steves phone no is: 01326 280325. E,mail shown below
All pledges and donations to this most worthy cause are gratefully received.

Steve    Sat 03/03/01 07:33

A book is available called: Little Tich, Giant of the Music Hall by Mary Tich and Richard Findlater. It was published in 1979 by Elm Tree Books, London.
There are two Little Tich tracks on a CD called ‘Glory of the Music Hall, Volume 3’ – Flapper PACSCD-9476. There is another on ‘Gems of the Music Hall’, Flapper PASTCD-7005, and still another on ‘Golden Years of Music Hall’ on Saydisc SDL-380.

Frank Van Straten    Wed 10/02/01 16:41

Do you know where I could get photos/posters of Little Titch doing the Big Boot Dance?
Thanks in advance
Neil Brierley

Neil Brierley    Thu 08/02/01 22:30

To everyone who was in the 5th year at Charles Darwin School, Biggin Hill, from September 1990 until Summer 1991.
Please e-mail me. Can anyone believe that it has been 10 years since we have left school?

Mark Score    Wed 07/02/01 07:16

We lived at 96 Kings Road from the late 1960s until 1975 when we moved to Nova Scotia.  Does the house still exist?  There was a pub called the Flying Machine across the street:  I can remember when it opened.  I wonder if it is still there?  Very fond memories.

Donna Landry    Sun 28/01/01 00:14

I would like to say hello to the Davies family.
I don’t know if they still are on Sunningvale Avenue, but if Julie-Ann might read this, I would like to hear from you. Please write to me at: I’ll never forget our time together in 1990 and life in Biggin Hill.

Verlyn Severson    Thu 11/01/01 13:42

Who was she??
The Bird I pulled on Christmas Eve

James    Wed 10/01/01 16:41


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