Hi I have very fond memories growing up in the early sixties at biggin hill. I used to go to school under the control tower my teacher was called Mrs Cook. I used to live in the married quaters with my parents. I will one day return to biggin hill and bring my family.
yours.paul david whitty paul david whitty

David Whitty    Wed 27/12/00 21:22

My name is Mandy Kerr and I have lived in Biggin Hill for all of my life. I am about to graduate from Bristol University and am partaking in a conservation expedition for charity to Central America. I need to raise £3000 and I am currently organising a raffle and a swim-a-thon to help me on the way to this target. I would really like to get a bit about this charity run expedition in the local paper and hopefullyget some support from local businesses/people. Could you possible tell me the best way to go about this or at least point me in the right direction. Thank you for your time.
Merry Christmas
Mandy Mandy    Thu 21/12/00 15:23

Great to see your tribute to the immortal Little Tich – but please note that his stage name was ‘Tich’ – never, ever ‘Titch’!!!!
Best wishes,
Frank Van Straten Frank Van Strate    Sun 12/11/00 01:31

I am a German pilot and I just landed at Biggin on Saturday and made a short trip to London. If there had been no thunderstorm warnings I would definitely had staied longer! So the only thing I can now do is to tell everyone about your great airport.
The only negative thing about Biggin is the landing fee………… Damn weak Euro 🙂
Hope to see you soon again, Biggin!
Peter Lemtis

Peter Lemtis    Tue 2/11/00 14:20

The Dropzone will not be reopening in the near future due to some problems with the lease Dj Matt bought the club from us but so far has had no joy with the council.
There have been complaints from local residents many of which I’m sure never even stepped foot into the club. Matt tells us he is doing everything he can. Until that day may come again you will find Matt at Amadeus in Rochester.
bye 4 now
Dan and Dave
Dan and Dave

Dan and Dave   Wed 25/10/00 18:02

Hi to all who remember us – Mike, Bill, Liz, Theresa, Jim and Mary Sheppy who lived in Biggin Hill from 1947 to 1960. We were at BH County Primary School (where Safeways now stands!)and particularly remember Fr. Hickey (parish priest), Mr. Huckle (headmaster), Mrs. Comfort (really!), Mrs. Bradford, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Pilchar (teachers), the Miklaucich family, the Shortt/Beatty family, the Carols, the Inshaws, the Muirs and the Matthews and many others.
Good guestbook but keep it clean, appropriate and sensible please.

Mike Sheppy   Mon 25/09/00 20:31

Hi all you boys and girlies !!!
Are you interested in joining my under 14s plane spotting and tropical fish keeping club? Iv’e been living in Biggin Hill for 5 years & absolutely love it here. It’s brill for plane spotting and Iv’e lots of new chums to play with from the local school. You know me girlies & boyzies!!!! See me around with my indistiguishable anorak & binoculars!!
C. Allard

C. Allard   Mon 25/09/00 15:24

Hello, all you cyber surfers. I’m James & I’ll be happy to dabble with your microchips.
James Butler

James Butler   Mon 25/09/00 15:2

My name is Micheal Cherriman, I was at charles darwin school betwen 1987-1992, having previously been at oaklands beforehand. Although I still live in biggin hill, I would very much like to get in touch with my fellow students and find out what they are doing now. I personally am very interested in weightlifting and try to go into as many competitions as I possibly can. I aslo like to go drag racing as much as possible and still bowl a little bit of leg spin whenever I can. I can be contacted on my mobile on 07939-136-827 if anyone wants to meet at the fox and hounds for a cheeky ale to catch up on old times.Hello, I’m from Orpington, just down the road from Biggin Hill??

Micheal Cherriman   Sun 17/09/00 19:54

One of my ancestors, Margaret Beadle (no known relation to you know who!) stayed regularly at Aperfield Court and corresponded with another Margaret who lived there.  Both were schoolchildren at about 1912.  Margaret Beadle’s grandfather John came from the Cudham area and then moved to Darwen in Lancs. via St Mary Cray.  We have postcards between the two Margarets showing Aperfield Court, Polesteeple Hill, St Marks, the Black Horse and Church Hill Cudham at about this time.  So, has Aperfield Court been totally developed on?  Who lived at Aperfield Court at this time (i.e. was Margaret a member of the owning or employee families)?  Find us at with a full family tree database.
Steve Beadle

Steve Beadle   Mon 10/09/00 15:40

Hello, I’m from Orpington, just down the road from Biggin Hill??
Ben Green

Ben Green   Sat 09/09/00 16:40

Alright everyone? i’m bored so i decided to write to the guestbook (again). I’m listening to brockie, with skibba and fearless On the mic. I at last got myself a good job and im saving up some money so that at the end of this school year i can afford to move back to Biggin Hill. Yeah, i know most of you biggin hill boys and girls keep telling me im an idiot, but believe me when you’re away from BH for so long you do start to miss it, so thats why im coming back. anybody who wants to E-mail me, feel free ( thats if your interested in talking to a true biggin hill boy! ha ha) To all my boyzies and girlzies, i’ll be seeing you all soon. Jacko’s coming home! ha ha. see you all soon. bye
Dan Jackson   Mon 04/09/00 18:00

When will the Drop Zone be re-opening? Also will it be any better than before because lets face it – that won’t be hard ! !

Casbolt, Emma   Fri 01/09/00 12:11

alright all my biggin hill boys and girls. well hows everything going in biggin hill? any trouble with the addos. i hope everybody is alright and aint getting caught out alonge when they come up to biggin hill. Just be careful, and if you are all going to have a big fight or somethin at least wait for X-mas, so i can be there. ha ha. you all know i feel the same way bout em as you all do. yep, im a biggin hill boy all the way to the heart. im just starting a new job and im trying to get enough money together so that i can afford to move back to england next summer. yep back to biggin hill. i cant wait, even tho it is a whole year away but at least its somethi to look forward to. ha ha. well write to me anybody who knows me or even if you dont and u wanna know how a real biggin hill boy lives. ha ha. later all my boyzies and girlzies.
Dan Jackson   Tue 29/08/00 20:28

Hi everyone. Its me again. yep jacko just wont go away. well im just writng to say that those few weeks i spent in biggin hill this summer were so damn cool that all of you lot are going to have the honor of me back again. ha ha. yep thats right, im looking to move back next summer. i’ll be back at X-mas so i’ll see you all then ok? bye.
Dan Jackson   Sat 12/08/00 16:45

Whats up all my biggin hill boys and girl. i’m back here in Florida again. yep as most of you know i was back in biggin hill for a few weeks this summer. I had fun as always, i miss that place so much. and at last me and my mum have come to a compromise, i’ll probably be moving back next summer, so one more year and jacko will be back. at last. well just write to me or something. i miss you all. e-mail me at write to me!! bye Dan Jackson
P.s. Dont take nothin from the addo’s! lol. you know what i mean!   Tue 08/08/00 17:34


ROBIN AND HEATHER CROMBIE 7/2000   Sat 29/07/00 23:41

I’m looking to catch up with Claire Rees, I used to go to Bromley College from 1993-1995 with her and am trying to get in contact again.
Any help will be gratefully received.

SAM CHAPMAN   Sat 08/07/00 21:45

Dear residents;
Has anyone else heard of the bizarre wife swapping events going on in Biggin Hill????
David Grover THUR 6/7/00  19:27

Is there anyone reading this from Charles Darwin School? Im in year 8 (in Miss Preddie’s Form). If n e 1 is bored, e-mail me!
Nicola Casbolt.

Nicola Casbolt   SUN 2/7/00  14:37

I went to Charles Darwin between 78 and 84. Mr Taverner (Spamhead) was there and Mr Lee, Mr Jackson. I went to South Africa after I left but returned 2 years ago to Norfolk. Would I know any of you.
Wendy Potgieter (nee Boulind).

Wendy Potgieter   THUR 29/6/00  19:27

Hi everyone
Calling any fellow Charles Darwin pupils from 1987-1992!  I just wanted to run an idea past anyone who went to the school during these years when Mr.Bennett was head,  school years were numbered properly 1 to 5 and Mr.Harbour the music teacher was prone to fits of Elvis impersonations!  Would anyone be interested in getting together for some kind of reunion? perhaps a tenth year one in a couple of years?  I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m sure there’s several people out there who would like to catch up with friends (or foes for that matter) and exchange news.  Let me know whether its a good idea or totally pants?  It would be good to hear back from anyone with memories from this time.  Cheers!
Natalie Jones (Yes the “supposedly” boring boffin one who belonged to the best form “R”,  with the superb Mr.Reilly as form tutor).

Natalie Jones   WED 28/6/00  10:07

Hi everyone
Just discovered your site. In the sixties I used to live  on the airport, then later, up the Westerham end of the village and finally in Jail Lane. Cherry Tree Rd. actually. With a mate called Terry Leake. Was a flying instructor with County Flying Club for a while. Learnt to fly with the old Croydon Flying Club at Croydon and later with the Biggin Hill Flying Club at Biggin Just retired as a Flying Instructor in New South Wales, Australia.

Bob Needham   WED 07/6/00  11:07

Hello everyone
What’s going on in Biggin Hill? I’m still here in sunny florida, enjoying the schorchio I just wanted to say hello to everyone, I miss you all! (thats all of my friends). I will be coming back to England in about 2 weeks, on June 7th, and to all my friends, no I wont be staying with laura and steven right away, I’m going to be with my dad for a while, but when I do come back to biggin hill for a couple of weeks I will be staying with them and i’ll, be out and coming to your school to see you all and stuff… how is everyting there/ its good here. I am missing home but, u know stuff happens that you dont alwayz want to, and even though I never wanted to leave biggin hill, I had to, but I’m coming home again, so make the most of it! I want to see you all again…thats all of my friends like Ali, Barry, Nick, Shaun B, Shaun J, Tara, Polie, Tom, Lee, Ben, Chancey, Nancy, Charlotte, and all the other Biggin Hill boys and girls. Well I have to go, because I’m goin out, bye.
Dan Jackson…p.s…anybody whop is tired of the crime in biggin hill, look below a few messages to see my opinion on how to help us teenagers!.

Dan Jackson   SAT 27/5/00  17:27

Hi everyone
Phil West here. I’ve just finished school at Charles Darwin and am about to take my A-Levels. If anyone wants to send me an e-mail then do so, as I have been a local resident for about 11 years.

Phillip West   FRI 19/5/00  23:17

Hello everyone
I recently met an 88 year old chap from Chipping Norton, Oxon who had been stationed at B. Hill during this time. He recalled that a “mass grave” had been created when the air raid shelter etc had taken a direct hit during a bombing of Biggin Hill in August 1940. A large number of WAAFs had been killed – although this was suppressed for obvious reasons at the time.  Apparently the site was grassed over and flowers planted there.
He wondered if I could find out for him whether the grave was still there or what had happened to it.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this? – the history does refer to the bombing in Aug 1940. Please email the Webmaster

Alan Jones   FRI 19/5/00  22:33

I am Francesca Girardelli and I am 10 years old and am doing a project at school comparing my home town of Blandford Forum with Biggin Hill. Some children from Biggin Hill will soon be visiting and I hope they have a good visit. My contact is Steven from Biggin Hill Junior School.
Wishing all in Biggin Hill good health!!!
Bye Bye

Francesca Girardelli []   TUE 16/5/00  19:15

Hi you lot over there,
I ve just spent another of those brilliant times in your lovely village. My special love goes to Carol and Derek and the twins, Adam, Ben, Debbie, Cameron, Emilia and everyone else I might have forgotten now. And- the best place to go is the Squash-Club, so check that out. Okay, now you are allowed to hear- its me, the Austrian who doesent know how to behave. Sorry, I ve learnt by now.
Cheerio Andrea

Andrea Vonblon []   MON 15/5/00  09:10

It is now confirmed Air Fair Radio is back and will be broadcasting on 87.9FM from Friday 2nd June until the evening of Sunday 4th June 2000.
We’ll be broadcasting our unrivalled service of news, music, information and commentary live and direct from Biggin Hill’s historic airfield  – this time in stereo – on crystal clear FM.
The programme schedule is as follows (this is subject to slight variation and may well continue round the clock! – Tune in for updates!

Friday 2nd June
0600 -0900 Paul Stafford
0900 – 1200 Sam Matterface : The preview
1200 – 1500 Steve Jones
1500 – 1800 Steve Aitkin
1800 – 1900 Tonight – With Sam Matterface and Steve Jones The Subject “The Biggin Hill Airport Expansion – the issues exposed in our live phone in 0870 740 7171
1900 – 2100 Mark Henderson
2100 – 2300 Neil Munday “The Music Man” of Biggin Hill. Dedications on 0870 740 7171
2300 – 0200 TBC
0200 – 0600 TBC

Saturday 3rd June
0600 – 0900 Paul Stafford
0900 – 1200 Sam Matterface: The preview
1200 – 1800 The Biggin Hill Airfair Live with Steve Jones(1200-1500) and Steve Aitkin (1500-1800) at the controls with Ian Marshall and Chris Royal being your sight for the 2000 airshow.
1800 – 2000 Mark Henderson
2000 – 2200 Neil Munday “The Music Man” of Biggin Hill. Dedications on 0870 740 7171
2200 – 0200 TBC
0200 – 0600 TBC

Sunday 4th June
Repeat  Schedule as Saturday 3rd.
Don’t forget to tune in on 87.9FM Dedications, competitions and phone ins are on 0870 740 7171.

Does anyone remember the Helliker familly who lived in Alexander Road and the Mill Cottage back in the 50/60’s or the Winter family from the same era. They moved to the Brambles, Lustead Hall Lane.

Derrick Hough   THURS 4/5/00  22:10

Why has the Colony closed down, anyone know ?.

Eddie Blackadder .  Sun 30/04/00 22:07

HI everyone….im just bored here in Florida, USA, thinking about my old hometown and all my biggin hill boyz and girlz. I just need to say something…..all the old people need to stop complaining about the teenagers and the problems they cause. no matter where u go there are gonna be kidz, unless u just move to an old peoples home or something. I know how bad some of the kids are, cuz when I used to live there, and when I come back, I do admit it….I cause a little havoc myself, but u have to look at the problem from our point of view, we don’t have anything to do, and when that happens…looking for fun sometimes turns to crime. I am not saying wut we do is rite at all! I’m just saying….get something for the teenagers to do, and I guarantee the crime will fall rapidly! Oh yeah I got something else to say!  Everybody in biggin hill has to do whatever they can to stop Bernie Ecklestone from making biggin hill airport into another gatwick or heathrow! I swear I would give my life to stop it…and so should anybody else who is either from or in biggin hill! it will ruin the greatest place in the world! (that being biggin hill of course!) well I think ive said enough!lol. write back to me at by the way….u know I got love for all of my biggin hill boyz nick, polie, shaun b, shaun j, Steve, chancey, tom, ali, chris, adam, mewie, and all of my other ladz,…and u know biggin hill has the sexiest women in England! so u now I love u all girlzies! Laura and steve…ur my greatest family I ever had, u know I love u both! bye!!!!!

Cuddleframes_usa.  Thur 27/04/00 16:36

Well, a very informative site, liked the design.
Best wishes
Glen Cady .  Mon 27/03/00 19:46

Chris Monger .  
Sun 19/03/00 18:32

Hello Everyone. I used to live in Biggin Hill from the day I was born until about 2 summers ago. My Name is Danny Jackson. I hope some people who know me do see this, if you do, E-mail me.
Danny Jackson.  
Thu 16/03/00 21:56

I would just like to say a big HELLO and a big thanx to Charles Darwin school for unblocking this site which they shouldn’t have really blocked in the first place, they’re petty.
Jemma Martin  
Tue 14/03/00 10:12

Were you at Charles Darwin School from ’78 – ’83??  Do you remember Mr Tavener, Mr Leigh, Mr Jackson, Mr Savage or Pete Messenger?? (ah what gems they were !!)  Then get in contact for a reminisce!! Tamsin Sutton (nee Davies).

Tamsin Sutton   Sun 12/03/00 19:55

Hi to everyone at Biggin Hill Aerodrome, As you may know our Spitfire is back over from Holland for it’s annual check in the red Tropair hangar, if anyone has a genuine interest & would like to look over the aircraft then call me on 0973 520974 & I will show you around.
please DON’T just turn up at the hangar as the owners of the hangar will be pretty brassed off, & so will I !!.Phone me for a time to visit (I am not there all the time as I live in Bristol when not in Holland).
All the best……. Geoff W
Geoff Waldorf   Sun 27/02/00 14:52

Does anyone remember the Transvaal Bungalow that use to be by the Transvaal Cottages on the Main Road at South Street close to the Fox and Hounds Pub? Are there any photos out there?
Tony    Sun 27/02/00 22:43

I’ve fond memories of the saltbox cafe and if anyone remembers the running horses cafes back to about 1965 when Im was belting around the lanes of Biggin Hill eapecially Shire Lane on my Japanese Yamaha Long Live Biggin Hill
Name: bernie ( Date: 22/02/00 16:25:50 UTC Bernie 0958 565646

My mother (deceased 1974) lived in Hillcrest Road, Biggin Hill until the beginning of world war two – she would have been 12/13 years old at the outbreak of war. She talked very little about it, except fond memories of a sweet shop where she bought humbugs. I’d love to know if anyone in the Biggin Hill area
remembers my mother. Her name was kathleen Jefferson, possibly known as Kathleen Morley-Jefferson, with a younger brother called Roy.
many thanks,
pauline lowrie

– Sunday, Feb 13, 2000 at 14:48:26 (UTC)


2 thoughts on “guestbook2000.htm”

  1. I went to Charles Darwin School from 1980-85 I started in 1A. Nora Clifford was my from tutor and still remember all the guys name in the register I’m that sad. Andrew, Matthew, Darryl, David, Stuart, Nell, Mark, Robert, Matthew, Steven, Jeffrey, Ben, David, MARK and Justin.

    Me being Mark near the end.

    Anyone remember

    1. T for Taylor, near the end.. lol

      Hi Mark, I started in 1W.

      My memory is shocking so I will not run through the register in W, I’d hate to miss anyone out, but like you reminisce often on our childhood, especially those even earlier days in the garage behind your Dads shop with RD & RP pretending we’re the new Beatles.. I guess we must be feeling our age ;-/ lol
      Take care mate… Thanks for the wonderful memories, top man.

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