Holwood Estate

Bromley’s Green Belt is under Threat

Crest Homes Property developers have been granted by Bromley Council to build a variety of new dwellings more or less on the footprints of existing buildings such as the Redwood Centre and stable block. They had previously got permission for the main house and 39 acres of land to revert to residential use. Nothing too terrible about all this , the
real problem is the permission to build 12 luxury homes complete with tennis
courts, swimming pool etc on a VIRGIN WOODED AREA within the Holwood Estate, Keston that threatens the Green Belt. 


The 12 dwellings that would be built on virgin green belt land would be in contravention of both GREEN BELT POLICY and Bromley’s UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN



To allow development anywhere other than on the footprint of the existing buildings would be a clear breach of Green belt policy.  It could create a precedent for more buildings in the Green Belt which other Developers would be quick to seize upon.

Bromley’s Green Belt must be preserved.

The consequences of loosing this part of the Green Belt could be devastating for us all and future generations.

If you agree please write now expressing your concern to:

The chief planner
Mr Stuart Macmillan
The Civic Centre
Stockwell Close
Bromley BR1 3UH
Quoting reference numbers 99:03747, 03748, 03749 and 03750

For more information of the history of the area click here

  • The Holwood Estate is entirely within Green Belt

  • It is a listed in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England

  • It is an area of Archaeological Significance

  • The Iron Age Fort is a scheduled Ancient Monument

  • Most of the site is protected by Woodland Preservation Orders

  • The Northern part of the Estate is a site of Nature Conservation Interest

  • Holwood is designated an area of special Landscape Character

  • It is the habitat of a wide range of wildlife, including badgers,deer,bats and numerous varieties of birds

Bromley clean and green?

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