Biggin Hill History – 1800

Biggin Hill History – 1800

It is known that John Christy (born 19th June 1781; died, 4th November 1873) who was the youngest of the three sons of Miller Christy; purchased the manor of Apuldrefield in about 1835 (now known as Apperfield, Biggin Hill) Cudham, Kent. (The nearest village being Cudham at that time)

John Christy who was married to Sarah, the second daughter of Abraham de Horne of Surrey Square London, had a large family of whom the oldest son, John de Horne Christy of Cudham Lodge died on 1st August 1850 and was buried at Downe. It was their second son Alfred that inherited Apuldrefield manor, but tragically committed suicide on the 23rd march 1876. The third son George then inherited the manor and died at Buckhurst Lodge on 13th December 1894 aged 74. His tombstone can be seen in Cudham Churchyard. On the death of George Christy, Apuldrefield manor was sold by auction in 1895 and the house was demolished.

John Christy’s daughter Emma Catherine Collier Christy married George Steinman who was the only son of Robert Bennet-Smith of Kingston and Susannah Betty, daughter and co-heir of George Leonhard Steinman. George Steinman took his mother’s name on the 19th October 1832

George Steinman not only dated two of his published articles from Apuldrefield (in June 1840 and July 1850) but contributed to a most elaborate account of the complex history of this ancient manor, to the “Topographer and Genealogist”, to whom all subsequent historians of Cudham are indebted.

Steinman’s wife was a novelist of some celebrity in her day, author of “The Old House at Alding” in 3 vols. London, 1875 (Brit. Lir. Press Mark 12634 n. 10.) and “Our Little Gypsy” in 23 vols. London , Tinsley & Co. 1881 (Brit. Libr. Press Mark 12640 c. 3.)

The Steinmans had three children; a son Matravers-Harcourt-Collier-Bernhard Steinman, born 13th April 1839 and two daughters: Ellen Gertrude-De Horne-Christy Steinman, and Emma-Isabella-De Horne-Christy Steinman.

Steinman moved to Knockholt House, Knockholt, Kent in 1862 and remained there until 1870 after this date he removed to Sundridge, near Sevenoaks where he died, on 13th February 1893.

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