Biggin Hill History – 1915

Biggin Hill History – 1915

More and more people were now buying plots of land and moving to Biggin Hill. Some of the more wealthier newcomers could afford to build houses of brick with slate or tiled roofs, some of which exist today. However the majority were not in such a good financial position and had their houses built using asbestos sheets on a wood frame with a corrugated iron roof. These materials were a lot cheaper to buy and transport.

Building firms were established to erect houses to the purchases requirements. Some of the bungalows have been described as “wooden shacks” but in fact they incorporated first class carpentry and joinery craftsmanship and materials of quality.

Mr.Jesse Terry was still a land agent at this time but he was assisted by Mr. Daniel B. Milbank, who had joined Mr.Terry after the death of Mr. Dougal in 1905. He was the principle agent to the trustees of Aperfield Court.

Mr. William Navard was still the proprietor of the Salt box coffee tavern, but there were different Tea and refreshment rooms for the cyclist to visit, such as the refreshment rooms rum by Messes Emily and Annie Williams and the refreshment rooms owned by Alphonse Haentjens. Information from Kelley’s directory.

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