Biggin Hill History – 1938

Biggin Hill History – 1938

By 1938 the number of inhabitants in Biggin Hill had grown and the MAPS OF 1939 show how much land had been sold and developed both in the Valley and along and behind Main Road and Westerham Road.

There was now a very wide range of shops and facilities available to serve the growth in population. This can be seen by looking at the listings from Kelly’s Directory 1938.

The main shopping area of Biggin Hill could be found along the Western side of Main Road. There were no shops on the Eastern side due to the covenant imposed after World War 1.

Among the shops were four butchers, Mr.Les Lyne of Lyne butchers informs me that two were owned by the Lyne family. One was at Southdown House, Main Road owned by Herbert George Lyne, the other was at Northdown House, Main Road owned by Sidney Louis Lyne. This is also shown in the Kelley’s Directory of 1938.

There were also fishmongers, chemists, hairdressers and a bank to name a few. The public would have received a personal service from such shops, with owners knowing their customers names. They may have had a delivery service too.

As mentioned earlier, the R.A.F. were now well established at the airfield and would have used the shops at Biggin Hill.

With the increasing number of motor vehicles in use by this time, there were garages and service stations and also plumbers and electrical engineers.

By 1938 the Number of tea and refreshment rooms had grown dramatically. Kelly’s directory lists nineteen showing that they were back in fashion.

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  1. Trying to find information on my grandmother she was in the women’s air force stationed at Biggin hill. Name Violet Taylor born 1919

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