Biggin Hill History – 1950

Biggin Hill History – 1950

This postcard of Fox Lane circa 1950 has been recently found. As usual, please email Webmaster if there is anything you would like to add.

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  1. I was born in 1946 in a little house called Desford,which was on polesteeple hill. I don’t have any memories of living there as my mother moved the family to Bromley soon after.
    I would love to know any information ,( photos, maps, anything, about that area. I remember visiting with the people next door to where my mums house was , their name was mr. And Mrs mother had such fond memories of living there, and wrote little poems about the house and garden. Would so like to hear more .

  2. Any info on a property called ringlands stock hill where my grandad William Joseph holland was born to lily holland a motor clerk in 1912 would be appreciated

  3. M y dad John atwill was stationed at biggin hill 1950-1955. Was there any pictures of the ground crew at that time. Thanks

  4. My late father, William (Bill) Mayer lived in Biggin Hill during the 1940’s. His sweetheart was the daughter of a couple who ran a pub there, I think I remember hearing their family name was Brett. The young lady sadly died before they could become engaged however my father carried her picture for the rest of his life. My mother who was always sorry for the family’s loss was taken to meet the family at their home. My father sometimes spoke too of enjoying a pint with his RAF friends at Biggin Hill so the pub could have been the White Hart. If anyone knows about a Brett family and their pub at Biggin Hill I would be very interested.

  5. My dad was stationed at Biggin hill in 1956 would like some more history around this time, he was part of the rescue recovery unit based there from 1956 to 1958, his name is George Terence Fell.

    1. I can’t help with any personal knowledge of your father but as a schoolboy on a visit in 1956 (I think) I saw Hunter wreckage from a crash and weeks later on a ‘plane spotting’ visit I witnessed an incident of a tyre burst that came close to writing off my friend and I ! Perhaps your father was not far away at the time if these were the sort of recoveries he was involved in. Can give you the detailed story if it is of interest and it may lead to those who were closely involved.

    2. My uncle, Roger, was also stationed at Biggin Hill in 1956. His Meteor crashed in Sidcup in October and he died the next day. Wonder if your dad had anything to do with the aftermath of this crash?

      1. Hi my name is Richard. I would welcome help by anyone if I could be put in contact with Daniel Coulston. Who is seeking information regarding his uncle Roger the RAF pilot from Biggin Hill who crashed in Sidcup in 1956. As I may have some new information which will be of interest to him as I was 400 mts from the crash at the time.
        Thanking anyone for their time and attention to this request to remember those who gave everything.

  6. Please could you clear up a query. How does one pronounce Aperfield? I’ve always said app as in apple but others say ape.

    Thank you.

  7. I was a member of 600 in the 40/50 period.Loved Biggin as a station.I suppose the salt box has long gone and are the ghost still there.Regards from Canada

    1. Does anyone remember John George .he taught flying in the late 1950s and 1960s. He is my cousin. Janet Purcell.

      1. Came across his name in my father’s pilots logbook.

        It appears that not only did dad fly with him, but John George signed off the flying times in the log book as CFI at Flairavia Flying Club.

  8. My name is John Halpin. My wife and I live in Seattle, Washington. We are planning our second trip to the UK. I am a history buff. I was told that there is a pub in Biggin Hill area that the heroes, the Battle of Britain fighter pilots of WWII, signed their names on a board. I would like to visit that pub out of respect. Can you help me?

    John Halpin

    1. Hi John, I have found the following posts when researching for you and The White Heart at Brasted (near Biggin Hill) and The Old Jail look likely.

      “I was in Shepherds after John Farley’s lecture on Thursday – nice place, shame about some of the clientelle that particular evening (very noisy!). Sadly the White Hart is no longer what I think the pilots would recognise.

      Be good to hear of some more…”

      “My father was on 111 Sqn and 72 Sqn, Spitfires, 1941-42 at North Weald, Hornchurch and Biggin Hill. The pub he and his chums used to use was “The Jail”, just behind one of the dispersals at Biggin. Seem to remember nipping in there in the mid-70s with him and my mother and he recognised a few of the bits and pieces that were still there.”

    2. Hi John.

      I’ve been doing a bit of research regarding Kentish pubs and stumbled across your letter.

      Can I recommend you ‘Google’ the name of a chap called Bob Ogley. As you will find, he’s a Kentish historian and the font of all knowledge regarding historic Biggin Hill and the antics (watering holes) of the WW2 pilots. He can accurately answer all of your questions – and much, much more. Happy hunting.


    3. It was the White Hart at Brasted, south of Biggin Hill on the A25 east of Westerham. The pilots all signed their name on a chalkboard. I was born in 1950 and grew up in Biggin Hill. As a teenager I used to drink at all the pubs, including the White Hart. Then, around 1968, the chalk board was still in place, with a glass front to stop the signatures being spoilt or fading. Now there is a replica, and I am afraid it is not the sme place at all, more of a gastropub. Hope this helps

      1. Just browsing through the website remembering the Old Days living in Biggin Hill. I came across your 2015 post. I think you were our neighbor on Hillcrest Road.! We lived at number 22. I recall playing in the old house next to you with an Ancient Printing Press ! I believe the property belonged to Mr Bidwell who owned the land next to us.
        We attended Biggin Hill Primary school. I recall you had an older sister Rosemary who was a guide in my mothers unit.
        My parents now deceased. Sibling Richard passed in 1963, David still lives in London. Margaret, who was born at no 22, in 1962 now lives in Scotland.
        I live in Texas with a son in Florida and a daughter here in Texas. I have twin grandchildren age 15 months.
        I look at photos of Biggin Hill with fond memories of time lived there. The Airfield and the Air Fair: The Black horse Pub: The school, sadly now gone. And Temples with Old Tom Temple and his son Tom . But the best memories of Temples was the Sweet counter !

        1. Bon-bon’s on the Main Road was my idea of sweet heaven. When sweet rationing ended in February 1953 my brother and I were given 3d to spend on sweets on the way to school. Four black jacks or fruit salad sweets at a farthing each or 2oz lemon sherbert weighed out of one of the large jars into small white paper bag. Happy memories.

    4. The pub (unofficial mess of WW2 fighter pilots at Biggin Hill) is the White Hart at Brasted (2miles east of Westerham on the A25).
      The signed Chalk Board is now in the Shoreham Aircraft Museum about 5 miles to the north east of the pub in the lovely Darent Valley.
      Look up the museum online for opening hours… it is a real delight…. it even has actual pilots from the Battle of Britain occasionally visit (sadly fewer in number as the years go on).

    5. To tell you the truth, the blackboard you refer to is now in the RAF museum at Hendon.
      They have a copy in the pub though.
      I’ve just had a look at it now, and saw the real thing years ago in the museum.
      Alexandra loop

    6. I have a newspaper article from 1969 when all the pilots were in the white hart before going to see the premier in London of The Battle Of Britain film. The photo shows the signed chalk board on the wall with the pilots at the bar. One of my relations in the photo was Squadron Leader Donald Kingaby

    7. Not what it was in wartime, ruined by commecialism and turned into your typical “gastropub”. Very disappointed when we visited having last been there before it was ruined.

  9. My dad passed away in Feb 1979 and I am trying to source info on his life for my son , Kyle.
    According to my mom , my dad Terence Gerald O’Sullivan , was a trainee pilot in the Royal Airforce , stationed at Biggin Hill in 1950-1952….ish
    I am respectfully enquiring if you would be able to direct me to a website where I might find details about his time in the Airforce?
    I am planning a trip to England in June , which will be my sons first time there and was considering making the trip to Biggin Hill to see some of “grandads ” history…….I would be most grateful for your guidance

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