Hushpower .410
Hushpower .410 Takes 2″ , 2.5″ & 3″ Cartridges
Weight : 5.5lbs  Barrel (including Silencer) : 29″  Stock : 14.5″ 
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Hushpower 12 bore
Hushpower 12 gauge Best noise reduction with subsonic ammunition
Weight : 6.5lbs  Barrel (including Silencer) : 31″ Stock : 14.5″ 70mm Chamber
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1000 FELT WAD 32 gram SHOT SIZE 6
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Hushpower Moderator
WEIGHT APPROX 12oz (350gms)
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If your gun club is having noise restrictions slapped on it, or you require 12 gauge shotgun to shoot without objection in sensitive rural areas, this revolutionary design could be the answer to your prayers. Noise levels are significantly reduced using standard 12 gauge cartridges and virtually eliminated altogether with subsonic cartridges, which are now widely available throughout the U.K.

We have demonstrated to a number of gun clubs, including several professional shooting ground estates. Not one person was anything other than amazed by its performance, low noise and recoil, even with standard velocity cartridges.

We are convinced that we have a product range that will protect your shooting from objections through noise, and will allow clay shooting facilities to be used more – possibly for floodlit shooting – since you will no longer cause local disturbance. The simple reason is that noise reduction characteristics are so significant that, in normal topography, the sound is not audible above background noise even at 150 meters with the single shot Pedretti, and 300 meters with the Hushpower conversion to semi-autos & pumps contrast this with the normal 12 bore which can be heard in still air at 1.5 Kilometres.

Our Hushpower range of silenced products has been subjected to independent tests carried out by several Environmental Health Departments. All have been extremely impressed and to date not one planning application has been refused for noise reasons when using our guns.


    100mm 300m 1Km 1.5Km Standard 12-bore Db 90.0 80.0 73.9 52.1 Hushpower Auto Db 65.0 49.0 Nil Nil Hushpower Single-barrel Db 45.0 Nil Nil Nil

Noise levels of Hushpower were with subsonic cartridges. Ambient noise levels were set at 44Db.

The silenced guns shoot, handle and feel like any other shotgun once the shooter has had a moment to familiarise himself with them. They are ideal for beginners and club shooters since they have negligible recoil and excellent patterns. Many excellent scores have already been recorded at domestic disciplines.

Vermin control is an area, which this gun has no equal, putting a new perspective on serious vermin control, as well as pigeon and rabbit shooting.

To achieve maximum noise reduction, we recommend that you use subsonic cartridges.

Hushpower .410

Hushpower 12 bore

The Single barrel Hushpower. Full choke 45 Db at firing point and usually inaudible at above ambient background noise at 150 meters. Weight of gun : 7 lbs
Semi auto Hushpower conversion includes two shot capacity mag job to conform to UK specification. This will add just over lb. in weight to your gun.
Calibres available in 12 bore and .410
The moderator assembly is a permanent conversion which can be removed for cleaning.
The sound at the firing point for the auto is similar to that of a .22 rimfire rifle, and the gun is usually inaudible above ambient noise levels at 300 meters.

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9 thoughts on “hushpower”

  1. have used the baikal 410 hushpower for over 5 years now.Best cartridges[in my experience]are the eley fourlong and gamebore 3″carts.

  2. Morning
    I have recently purchased a deactivated MK3 Lee Enfield rifle
    and I am looking for a guards white buff rifle sling also one for an SLR rifle I was wondering if you have anything like this that I can purchase from you.

  3. I bought the investarm 20g o/u hushpower and took the opportunity to ask one of the horse owners who I knew had a noise sensitive horse if she could do me a favour and stand 150 meters away from me and let me know how her horse reacted to me firing one shot up in to the air using 28g subsonic cartridges.
    When I fired the horses head was down eating something in the stubble field. When I asked her how the horse reacted she replied that it casually and slightly lifted its head to look in my direction and continued eating. It did not get any shock whatsoever. I asked what did she hear and she replied a low level plop. Like noise.

  4. Where and how can I get one for My Beretta A400 xcel 12 gauge? I compete in trap and sporting clays and of course hunt.

  5. I purchased a 12 Bore Hushpower Detachable Sound Moderator which I have fitted to a Browning B 80 Semi Auto Shotgun and tested it at 100 metres it read 99 Decibels with an electronic sound measuring meter.
    I was very disappointed with the result as the difference with the moderator was only 7 decibels less than my shooting partner’s 12 Bore Remington 1100 which was not fitted with a moderator and read 106 Decibels, so I agree with Mr. John Carter’s Statement – “In your Dreams” I feel that I have wasted my money buying this product.

    1. Not forgetting that every 3dba is a doubling of sound on the standard scale this makes your moderator quite efficient i fear?

  6. I doubt these test results! 12 Bore @ 100mm from the gun Db 90 in your dreams 90Db @ 100 metres maybe.


    100mm 300m 1Km 1.5Km Standard 12-bore Db 90.0 80.0 73.9 52.1 Hushpower Auto Db 65.0 49.0 Nil Nil Hushpower Single-barrel Db 45.0 Nil Nil Nil”

  7. please mail me informations about the price .i live in volos greece and i would like to bay the moderator for my baikal gunmaker will attuch it with the help of your instructions (diagram).i also need to know the way to pay(paypall,bank deposit,wwhestern union,dhl,etc)

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