A man is flying from USA to Australia and isn’t looking forward to the long flight. until he finds himself sitting next to a stunning woman.
“Ok”, he thinks. “How am I going to start up a conversation with this woman,”
He notices that she is reading a book, and so asks,
“Whats the book you’re reading?”
“Well, its about sexual statistics,” she says.
“Really?” he replies, “what kind of statistics are they?”
“Well, heres one for you. she goes on, “Did you know that according to this book, the American Indian has on average the longest penis of any race and Polish men have the thickest penises!”
“Oh, and by the way my name’s Tina” she says shaking his hand.
“Nice to meet you Tina,” replies the man, “My name’s Tonto Kawalski.” .

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