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 Our friendly club, situated on Biggin Hill Airport, welcomes all pilots and ex-service personnel – Air, Groundcrew, Army, Navy, and Airforces – We are open from 1200 hrs until 2300 hrs, 7 days a week, serving alcohol, teas, coffees, plus hot and cold food. The view from the bar overlooking the historic airport is well worth the visit. (As a Private Club, all visitors must sign our guest book).

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  1. Sure to visit when time permits in clear blue skies to Dear “Biggin on the Bump” again, remiss in being away so long 🙁

  2. The/Club bar referred to by James was I suspect Pilots Pals club which closed down a couple of years ago with Joe Merchant the proprietor retiring to Spain It is a great shame Missed so much by all our members and no replacement. We do though meet up at air shows and things There is a website Bigginhill reunited

  3. Looking for a ‘pilot’s pal’ from the late 1980’s called Samantha. Can’t remember the surname. She also worked behind the bar in the Tamworth arms in croydon.

  4. I would like to thank you for your most interesting reply to my application to join the Air Force. The 12 staff members who put the card together are far more clever than I thought at first and it has taken me 4 years, this weekend, in fact, to read what you actually wrote to me. I have translated the card and given it to the DWP as part of my business plan to help mothers with children who have little money. If you could reply I can send you the details and contact details for the DWP if you have any other information I can add to the book.
    Can I thank you for all you have done.

    All Sins Forgiven…


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