Pubs and Restaurants

Below is a list of restaurants in the locality of Biggin Hill. If you have eaten at any of these restaurants we would like to here your views and opinion.

What was the service like, was the meal served in a professional manor, was the ambience and decor of the restaurant to your liking?

Tell us what you thought of the food, was it quickly served to you but not freshly cooked, was there a good selection of fresh vegetables, was there a big choice on the menu.

In your opinion was it expensive or inexpensive, good value for money. This is your chance to tell everyone what you think, would you recommend this restaurant and go back there?

Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to tell us which restaurant you are talking about !

Public House / Restaurant The Kings Arms Pub Leaves Green, Biggin Hill, Kent 01959 572080
Napolie Pizzeria Restaurant Osteria Pizzeria 18 Market Square Westerham 01959 561668
Italian Restaurant San Basilio 1 Market Square, Westerham, Kent 01959 565650
Indian Restaurant The Raj 187 Main Road,Biggin Hill, Kent 01959 572459
Public House / Restaurant White Bear Public House Fairchildes Lane, Warlingham, Surrey 01959 573166
English Restaurant Paccinos 148 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent. TN16 3BB 01959 576626
English Restaurant The Bakery Westmore Green, Tatsfield, Kent 01959 577605
Indian Restaurant Bengal Butler 226 Main Road Biggin Hill, Kent 01959 570150 / 570140
Chinese Restaurant Yangtze 6 Commonside, Keston, Kent 01689 856410
Public House / Restaurant Blacksmiths Arms Cudham Lane South Cudham Kent 01959 572678
Restaurant Eastern Cuisine 133, Milne Park East, New Addington,CR0 0BF 01689 844844
Thi Restaurant Montien 6 London Road, Westerham, Kent TN16 1BD 01959 565883
Indian Restaurant Pitt’s Cottage High Street, Westerham, Kent 01959 562125
French Restaurant Rendezvous 26 Market Square, Westerham, Kent. TN16 1AR 01959 561408
Restaurant Eastern Cuisine 133 Milne park East, New Addington CR0 0BF 01689 844525
Public House / Restaurant The Crown Leaves Green, Biggin Hill Kent 01689
Public House / Restaurant The Jail Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent. 01959
Public House / Restaurant The Fox and Hounds Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent 01959
Public House / Restaurant The Grasshopper Inn The Grasshopper Inn at Westerham


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