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Two subjects to update you: trees and the bricks being used to build the ‘Visitor Centre’ (for that is all it is!).

Firstly trees, on the 7th April 2018 all the trees and shrubs were cut down from the front of the Chapel, many planted in remembrance of RAF personnel, including the yews and the flowering cherry (in bloom) that have appeared in photos for over 50 years. The area has been totally cleared and I urge you to click on the link below to the petition site, where the photo is now the Chapel as it appears today and the text describes the trees removed. Please also forward this link or this complete newsletter to all your acquaintances, asking them to sign the petition registering their disgust at this further atrocity. One can only wonder what damage will next be inflicted on the Chapel by the London Borough of Bromley.


In our last newsletter we told you of the bricks being used to build the so called museum, they are called ‘Marziale’ made by the huge Austro-German company Wienerberger AG and imported from the continent. They are not a special hand made brick as promised by the Council, but an ‘off the shelf’ machine-made brick that can be sourced from any builders merchant. When our newsletter filtered down to the head of a British brick manufacturer in Buckingshire he contacted the Council, its BHMM Trust and the Patron Randolph Churchill and offered his bespoke hand made wood-fired bricks for FREE, such is his regard for the RAF and Biggin Hill. His offer was REFUSED!!  Not only that, he told them that had they contacted the building materials trade organisations in this country, they could have been given all the materials for free!  Not only is it obvious that the London Borough of Bromley is totally lacking in empathy for the Chapel, but they have also demonstrated gross ineptitude! 

Thanking you all, 

Rita Radford.         email: rcr.knockholt@btinternet.com 



Rita Radford

One thought on “RAF CHAPEL, MORE BAD NEWS”

  1. My father Robert Britton was at big gin hill as a corporal in 1964 he has recently passed away and we his children are looking for a photo of dad in uniform or anything you may have regarding his time there.?.
    Kind regards
    Sandra de roo maiden name was Britton I was born at biggin hill

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