FoE  protect Saltbox Hill SSSI

Friends of the Earth 
help to protect Saltbox Hill SSSI


The Bromley group of Friends of the Earth has donated £1000 to London Wildlife Trust’s campaign to restore Saltbox Hill to its flowering beauty.

Judy Palmer, Co-coordinator of the Bromley Group Friends of the Earth, says “We greatly support endeavors to protect our local wildlife sites like Saltbox Hill SSSI.”  The group has raised £1000 through guided walks, a promises auction and group donations.

We are absolutely thrilled by this donation,” says Graham Turnbull, Director of London Wildlife Trust, “Help like this really means that we can protect valuable wildlife areas- we would like to thank Bromley FoE for all oft their efforts.”

Saltbox Hill SSSI had been undergoing neglect leading to degradation in its ecological quality and a campaign by London Wildlife Trust to save it was successful in 1999. Since the Trust’s acquisition of the site, a great deal of work has been carried out to restore the characteristic downland wildlife. Over 2 acres of scrub have been cleared on workdays and this spring primroses have bloomed on the areas newly brought out of the shade.

Mathew Frith, Conservation Manager of the London Wildlife Trust, will be leading a walk around Saltbox Hill on Sunday 11th July at 11.00am. Judy Palmer said “We are very much looking forward to seeing all of the improvements that have been made.”  Any member of the public is invited to join this walk – please call 020 7261 0447 for more details.

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  1. Does anyone have any newspaper articles Re sheetings farm and old pumping station where demolition firm McKenna have been burning controlled waste timbers – Dec 2013 with smoke across salt box hill and also sheetings farm since 1989- Injunction against firm by Bromley 2007 think included burning plastic

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