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There are a few wind turbines available for smaller applications. These small wind turbines are suitable for individual electricity supply to households, remote villages, rural workshops, instruments etc. The machines are used for a wide variety of applications, including: 

  • Electricity supply – dc or ac for lights, fridge, TV, telecommunications, radio etc.
  • Heating – hot water, space heating, soil heating, swimming pool etc.
  • Pumping – water supply, irrigation, drainage.
  • Examples of available ‘small’ wide turbines are described below:


Proven Wind Turbine 2.5kW

proven1.jpg (13398 bytes)Proven wind turbines are manufactured by a Scottish family business with a long record of technical innovation and engineering excellence. Their internally patented designs have been developed over the past fifteen years and have withstood the most rigorous testing possible in Scotland on the exposed wind turbine test site of the National Engineering Laboratory, in severe conditions which have failed many other types of turbine tested there. Their turbines are heavier than most available on the market, because they believe in good and solid long lasting quality work that can withstand the conditions of every area in the world. That is why they have installed turbines in places like Ethiopia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as in some of the most remote parts of Scotland.

Design and Performance

One secret of their success is in the unique design of the turbine’s rota blades. These combine the subtlety of Japanese origami with the latest techniques in plastics fabrication. All wind turbines need to protect themselves from high winds, often using complex, vulnerable mechanisms to feather the blades or turn the rota away from the wind. The patented Proven system is much simpler and mimics the way of nature. Under high wind loading Proven turbine blades simply turn and flex with the wind – as naturally as a tree bending in a storm.

Proven wind turbines are probably the only small wind turbine on the market that keep a high output even in the fiercest storm, due to the unique self regulating rota blades, and will not be damaged by accidental load disconnection.

proven2.jpg (13499 bytes)

Low noise and low maintenance

To keep the level of noise to an absolute minimum, and avoid maintenance burdens, the proven wind turbines do not use gearboxes. The only sound produced is the quiet swish of the blades turning in the wind. To give an idea of this sound it is easily drowned by a car passing in the distance.

User Friendly

You do not have to have any special skills to operate a proven system, because with the specially designed controllers, you will have a system that runs on its own. At the base of the mast there is provision for access to the power connectors and turbine brake. Further more an easy to follow users guide is provided, that will tell you all the basics about the system.

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